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the sound of silence

i never like to argue with friends, whenever they made a false statement. they have plant the seed in their mind when they think the statement made by them are correct, there’s no point i would make myself so difficult to correct what they have in mind. i just let them go along. i don have much friends in real life, sometimes i have doubt that if my life will be better without any friends. well of course it is not always true. i enjoy of chatting with my internet friends more than my real life friends, at least they are listening to what i said. or at least i get a respond from them.

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Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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well finally going to upgrade to Microsoft Windows-7. installed 32 bit on my notebook at work, loved the designs, but kinda slow. still have lotsa things to adapt though, since that i am a classic windows supporters for years. even though that i am using windows vista for years, i am still get used of the classic control panels, classic windows themes and classic startup menu. ><

it’s something that i should have let go and looking forward for a new thing. lets start with the Operation system. downloading 64 bit right now, 2 more hours to finished.

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it’s been a while. yes, i have lost the interest to keep me on writing my blog. one of the reason is that i m so out of rage, not really wanted to curse anyone or anything recently. nothing much to share also in my recent life, just work, wow, movie, playing ps3 and hanging out with my frens on network games. nothing much special really happens. to me its a good thing, having routines life is good, don’t really need to have extra mind to worry about the expected. ><


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