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1 mind at a time. don keep many minds. 😀

too many minds will get us off focus, create distraction and make us lost our way. too many minds, no good. 😀

ppl nowadays have too many minds, eat time not eat, sleep time not sleep, when time to eat, eat, don play your god damn iPhone. >< when time to sleep, sleep, don’t count the sheep! ><

be a 1 minded person, the world will looks more simple and u will have less to worry.

“oh i need to save money so by the time i get old i will have the savings….” “oh i cant be a happy person because of blah blah blah…” too many minds, bad eh?

why worry when there are possibility that you might not even able to wake up tomorrow and there will be no tomorrow?

lived your life. enjoy the moment when you got it.

if we set our mindcept right, we would be winning everything. in a competition, the way to win, is not trying to screw our opponent, but just do the best of ourselves. by the time we did that, we will taste the joy of competition and regrets even when we are loosing out.

杂念是一种很坏的东西。除杂念,才能定心。念由心生嘛, 佛学说要六根清静有他的道理。六根清静了,才能六根互用。六根清静不是没有了六根,是我们的念不再随着幻境,环境的影响。

我开心,因为我开心的时候,我只想着开心。就好像吃饭的时候, 吃饭; 睡觉的时候,睡觉。

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