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5th May 2013 vote casting day

Fellow countryman, for whom that we are proud to so call ourselves as Malaysian, now it has comes to the final push.

it is time, and i shall be back to cast my vote. it is our duty, even being treated as a second class citizens, it is my obligation to perform!

some say one are small number, there will be no differences with one in or not; but i wanted to show them, never look down at small number, cause once all these tiny one sums up, even the ground will be shaken, when we stomp on the same ground!

let them hear our voices, let them fear. they may not hear us enough, maybe never really bother to listen, but now, it is time to let them know that what we really want!

for every 5 years their wounds open up so wide, we may not have end them 5 years back, but it is enough for them to feel the pain. and soon… perhaps the end is near?! we shall see… we shall see…

to whom that who shows that they have never care of this country, i urge you to dig up the love and pride to the country, deep inside your help, even with a bit left, dig it up, bring up the patriotism, and cast your vote on 5th May 2013.

let us show that one may not be so small after all!


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