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yes the world of Azeroth has been shattered. the shattering was launch 2 days ago and i missed some of the events due to the passoword getting reset. ><

entering the new world now. with some old friends that i have never met before. haven’t done much exploration over the new world of Azeroth,  visited Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnasus, slight changes with some area torn apart, nothing serious though, never visit Exodar yet, never interested in that place too lazy to visit, it’s like a maze there with violet color painted on the wall, and my eyes hurt. Darkshore, the first ever place i have ever visit  after Darnasus, was severely torn apart.  look at auberdine, it’s a ruin now. ><


Booty bay were having a tsunami during the shattering, poor goblins. some of the building were collapse, and rebuilding is in process now.  look at the poor statue, broken arm, surrounded by seaweed ><

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