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if and only if

well when you start to made a statement that start with or contains the word “IF” in any phrases, that means that the all the things you made after the word “IF”, that you never owns it.

IF i have clear my debt, i would…

IF i have a millions, i would….

i would be nice to you, IF….

ask away IF you are unsure….

i would go after her IF…

i created a wrong idea, i just find out. ><||| i have put an IF to a statement. and i didn’t even realize it. thankfully to my half functioning brain… the light bulb just lights on when i was on my way home from NWP Starbucks after the sipping of my favorites coffee. how could i ever plant that kinda wrong idea in my mind without knowing that it will never be going to happens when there are an IF in it?

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