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fear of death

once ed had told me that ppl are nothing to fear when they have nothing to lose… as he was comment that i am being so fearful recently becoz of getting a high paid job. he told me that last time i used to be fearless and now become someone with no guts…. ahaha… yea maybe true…. maybe i am so fearful recently…. i used to remmeber last time dav challenge me to play the roller coaster at time square… and finally it was only me who dare to play… and dav watch me play at the side…. after then i always laugh at dav…. now i start to know why dav have no guts that time… 🙂
what is i at most fear? do i fear death? yes… now i start to fear… as when me start to own something… i start to fear of losing them… what is this something… well i know dav would understand… ed would understand… mr N would understand… erm.. maybe not mr N…

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trying my luck

well.. found someone interesting in the net… and was being asked to tried my luck.. and this is my first try.. and i failed i guess… hmm… don really have so much luck now… all given to others… always wished other ppl luck and no one wished me back…. next time want to give out jinx… donno who want…

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finally the banner carrier have decided to call it a day. after this unsave long journey, the banner carrier feels that he had done what he had to be done, yet he get whipped by the general. ‘ok, i am done. this would be my very end. after this journey, good bye.’ said the banner carrier to his general. ‘i wont be carrying banner for you anymore. i feel that i am not competant to do so. if i stretch more, i’ll break. i am old and not as young as you thought. i am sorry.’

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seems like i am working too much… when i chat with me frens… all the topics are related to work… am i become one of those freaking workaholic? oh no… i don like horlic… i want milo… sob..sob..

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life is cruel

someone made a statement that life is cruel, that we don really have a choice to made for our own decision but we just have to follow the fate. well… it’s a yes and no situation depends on how would u look at it…. some people don have the choice to choose what they really wants to work as, maybe becoz of life, they had no choice but to work… if u wished to be get a more comfortable life… that’s the price u have to pay…  that’s not cruel… life is cruel when u are desperate becoz u got nothing to feed ur child and u wanted to chop off their hands or legs so that they can be attracted for the pitiness of others and get begged for $$…

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won the nikon digital camera from microsoft.. so happy and actuall plan to give out to cl for her farewell gift… before that wasn’t know it’s the camera… but cl arent free to help me to claim it at klcc, so call dav.. and his bz too… then tried to call tg, well he’s not sure whether he’ll be in kl… and finally think wend msn me so i asked her to help me to collect my prize. well so happy to know that it’s a camera and well since plan to give out someone help me to claim it… so wend.. u are lucky to have it… and happy b’day to u too… haha.. take it as ur b’day gift… first time to present ppl with rm1000++ gift… wow…

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meeting with old friends

met with ken this evening. a good fren of mine.. ermm… used to be good frens… now becoz of the god jamm work load, we don really meet with each others… both of us are food lovers… especially food at road side, food hidden in small small lane where only locals can find…

after a frustration working day, have decided not to stay in the office for too long.. so i just look for frens out for dinner… sms fj.. no reply… call ac.. no one is picking up…then i have scroll through my phone list… surprisingly that i cant find any name in my phone where i can call out… am i being isolated for too long… where did all my frens go?? am i sacrifying too much of my time staying in the company? where could all my frens go?? i feel sad… being living for 27 years of life, i cant even find a name in the list just to call out a fren for dinner… shame on me… shame…


finally decided to call Ken. so luckily he’s available… otherwise i would be eating myself alone…. i don like to go dinner without anyone… dinner should be joyful… should be with family or friends….


so we headed to west garden to have the fried kangkong, we had the curry fish and omelet with prawns… west garden is famous of their fried kangkong.. the place is somewhere near the ismail bakery shop… where not many ppl can find the hideouts… then later we went to eat the stim salty chicken and the chicken leg somewhere near the komtar there… at the side of the abandon cinema… the last time i’ve been there was about 19/20 years ago… yea.. no kidding…and the chicken leg… is still as tasty as the time i was there..


we had a great time at our dinner… we tell jokes… we share stories… just like the same old days.. missed these kinda days….

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