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little big dog

little big dog – he’s 6 months old now.
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another same shit different day. it may not be a same shit today, slightly different this time but well, it happened before it just not as frequent. i hate when things gets me on my nerves, especially family matters.

many whiles ago i have asked ex-gf about her perspective over me, she saids i never loves to share my thoughts with others, i think she’s right. i never share my thoughts, sometimes people have to squeeze me to get into my mind. i never share maybe because i myself also doesnt know what i am thinking? hmm… it is so debatable.

wait a minutes, it is not the thought that i don’t like to share, i always share my thought with others, it is the feeling that she mention, yes! i seldom share my feelings. have you ever see me wearing any other mask other than the smiling face? how often will people see me taking my mask off? for those whom had know me personally and feel that you know me well, now, think twice. hehe…

showing negative area of effects are so not me. that’s why i never loves to play a warlock.

even a smiley have a moment of desperate and sorrow, whom shall the smiley showed at? well truly if you see’s the smiley showed his sorrowfulness, you must realized that smiley have made you a friend in deed.


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