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year 2015 resolutions

well life is all about what you want. you may not always getting of what you want, but you just have to keep on looking. i expect to get a British bulldog 2 years back but it end up i got a Labrador. hell ya it’s still a dog and i am very much happy to have him as my companion. still looking eh.

1. Galaxy Note 4 – well phone gone broke and missing, new year, new phone, new start.

2. TV box – so that i can watch NBA on CCTV again!

3. less miserable life – well good days bad days, a little lesser miserable each days makes a good day!

4. one/two wheeler bike – so i can walk lesser and explore further 🙂

well life is like a box of chocolates, whatever you picked, it’s all chocolates.

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year 2014 wrap up

another year gone, been passed through 2/3 of my life now. spending 1/3 of my life in sleep, another 1/3 of my life living with most SSDD life. but it’s definitely a worth of living experience.

another year begins and time to review my past year achievement/experience:

1. bought PS4 – for NBA2k15, never gonna missed it! and found that the shadow of Mordor is surprising good.

2. lost my Note3 on Taxi – hell yeah, 3 months old phone gone missing ><

3. got Galaxy Tab S – to replace the note 3, well not really satisfy with it's performance though, low battery life, inconstant disconnection and restart require when low on power.

3. broke the Galaxy Tab S screen – yeah, used for 3 months, broke the glass, how jinxed. bad Samsung service center help desk, disappointing experience, but think of that since TIC, i am relief. not many good experience i would have get in here.

4. Junior were trained well – well he is a good dog now, doesn't destroy any furniture at home, and he is friendly to people. there are never a bad dogs really, only bad owner that never do go in training their dogs.
dogs are like kids, they need love and affection, also have to spend lotsa time to train them.

5. meeting my thai buddies again this year, don really have many good friends nowadays, friends are easy to find, but good ones needs to earn.

6. job sucks as usual – nothing really exciting in here, sucky management sucky decisions, i guess everywhere in the working place are more or less the same though. #prayforbigbonus this year.

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