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每天7点起床,玩一盘英雄风暴, 上班。 5 点下班回家, 跟Neo先生玩炉石到8点,遛狗到9点。 回家玩2盘英雄风暴,再接着玩nba2k16, 11点左右就睡了。日子就这样的过去了。


明年又如何呢? 估计还是得在这里。

也不是说这里不好, 公司配了一个小家,虽然现在不包电费了, 但是还是挺好的。 加上有条小狗陪伴,还是挺好的。

junior 已经差不多3岁了, 呵呵,他最少还有10年的时间陪伴着我。

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heroes of the storm

been playing on this game for quite some times, good thing is the game end fast like 12-15 minutes, bad thing is you only need 1 bad player to cause you lost the game. not gonna whine much but never thought i would be playing moba games vs player like this game. hehe seriously never vs any player last time while playing DOTA. at least this game is easy to learn and no need to buy equipment. simple and easy, just learn about the characters skills and talent and know about the opponent’s skill and talent. just phew phew and whew whew. results doesnt really matters, just start another game.

right now been playing with a few friends, 1-2 games at most each day, damn nba2k16 takes too much of my resting time. and also leashing my dog for an hour, hehe.

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anoteher SSDD

just anoter SSDD.

life is bored, i get it. hmm let me rephrase that, life never be bored, job is.

too much jobs to handle or too less job to start, mang.

well just another SSDD but it will b end in another hour. then, i am going back to walk my dog, play my nba2k16, heroes of the storm, hearthstone, and call it a day.

just another SSDD, isn’t that great?

people always look for happiness, well look into the ordinary day. happiness is there. nothing unexpected happens is just another day of happiness living.

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easy way out


很多人觉得政府做对了,有传染病就把它们干掉,一了百了。以后还可以减少流浪狗的烦恼, 又省钱。

政府的做法对吗? 我想有人都认为会赞成的,毕竟为了多数人而牺牲是可以谅解的。

人总得走捷径是吧? easy way out 谁不会? 放条猪上去按个键,事情就完了, 那我还要领导人来干嘛?

骨痛热症一年也死了不少人吧, 没办法,蚊子捉不完。 没有easy way out。


狗对人类没有贡献吗? 狡兔死,走狗烹哦?

杀吧, 杀吧。 你自我感觉良好就行了。btw, 希望你们赞成的没有宗教信仰,别信了,那是对神的亵渎。

ah well, easy way, go away. here’s the Exit, hopefully someone will show you a way out.



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medium well to well done.

on the day of china independence day 2015 this year. i had been declared a divorced man. getting no visitation rights nor paying anything. couldn’t say it’s the best outcome, but it’s a OK out from the worst. nothing much i would wanted to comment further, what’s passed became history, mystery and misery. it’s time to move on.

life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get. hell ya, still have my loving junior with me in shenzhen. lets move on!


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