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上一年被台风给吹回来的,今年不信邪的再战一次。 冲绳的吸血鬼们,小心点,我将要来了。。。

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Yet another SSDD

it’s been weeks that wow classic went live. if mr. tee was here, i have no doubt to play with him. can’t believe, it’s like a decade long or more, since i started play wow. we have so many friends, that fight along us. we shared the joy, the battle, the raid together, we came, we lived through.

i first started wow i think it was around year 2005 when i accidentally found purchase the game CD from an apple store at gurney plazza. the shop keeper told me it wasnt compatible with windows system, yet i just bought it anyway. from then i started my first ever night elf hunter.

then i recruited my fren ling and bakai and i started my another warrior character with them. then we met our first ever virtual wow friend, muimui and chumbeque. we then have the flips that join us, milargo and then we have met the healer prynn.

ah well, those were the days my friends,we thought it never ends… to the long lasting memories ever wow friends…

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