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Hmm sentimental night that cant fall asleep after touchdown. lets see: 1. Lee sooyen aka claire from alor setar, first ever known girl from mirc back when ived found out there’s such amazing tools that can connect and communicate strangers from unknown land. We’ve been contact from years, from mirc to emails, then even on real mails. Even had a thought to go and study with her at mmu back in melaka. What makes us stop commicating? Well i send her my pix and i guess thats much of the end of story.
2. Lycsia the bright and sunshine lady. The first ever girl that come and meet me from alor setar that almost frighthen me away, too much expectation i guess. Then later she came and study in penang still remember that drove her with my motorbike to her hostel. Still in contact though not very often, but once a while in yeaea she will keep on flashing back in my memories.
3. Lee choonhsiang also from alor setar, most of the time refer to her as amoi, came along with her best buddy janice i believe how she called, cant confirm though. Know her buddy first then get to know amoi. later on her buddy went to study in england and there goes our communication. Still kept in touch with amoi when she still study in the medical school at setapak then lost contact with her ever after. Drive all the way down to alor setar to meet them, first time adventure of driving crossing the states alone where there are no gps invented yet.
4. Wendy ang aka ah hooi from ipoh, a very important friends that we’ve stay at least very good closed friendship for like 5 to 6 years. Our close friend relationship maybe faded away yet she still remains very important roles in my pass life n memories. In short, she weights, in my heart.
5. Yarling teo aka lovebug from jb. My first ever girlfriend that cause me to work in kl, most horrible place that i hate much but i m willing to go and work because of her. Almost resigned from ndt luckily david offered me to work in kl by then. Our relationship ends but yet we still in contacts though. Bye bye my young n naive relationship.

Well girls, i hope everyone of you are well, stay happy and stay healthy.

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cant believe i have started posting this shit for 10 years. 10 years ago i start my first ever blog with the title dreams. no doubts it a place to keep my memories, thoughts, falsify messages, living experience that makes up of 10 years later of me.

total of over 400 posts average by 10 years about 40 posts per year and 4 posts per months. 1 per weeks in average. well i guess it’s getting slower, mainly i am too lazy to logon to the vpn to post, and nothing much of new experience i had face that worth to post i guess. half past dead now, and nothing much that could have excited me except for nba games and metal gear solid series.

what is my dream again at this age i’ve ask myself? hmm… hit rank legends in hearthstone? or hit rank1 in hots? back to wow and play like no tomorrow? ah well it seems that all doesnt really matters anymore. i come, i lives and i had fun. follow the wills, there are all my fun goes.

happy 10 years of blogging!

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another year end wrap up

there we go, another year ending soon. goodbye soon year 2015, 21 more days left this year. so, another year end wrap up. hmm how many years i have done this? got to go back and check the history, hehe… along these years i have met many friends, and lost many friends. all is good though. joyful and pitiful moments makes up my life.

so what have i done this year? lets see…

  1. divorced. things that should have done it, and gladly it ends. nor it’s a good or bad results, but a right decisions.
  2. raise my junior to age 2.5 to be 3 soon. glad that he is lovely and healthy, a super great companion, tolerates much and never ask for more, too bad cant post his photo in here for now, blaming my freaking phone or cable. nice doggie doggie doggie….
  3. got my nba2k16 again this year, super difficult but fun.
  4. 40% at metal gear solid. too lazy to play.
  5. half way on the witcher 3, too lazy to finish.
  6. transferred and on another job scope. cant say it’s good, nor it’s bad.
  7. moved house again, from 2 rooms to 1 room, well cant complaints muh, sz living expenses is getting much much more expensive…
  8. lost my lunchmate, went back to states for good, ah well missed ya big tom.
  9. moved back to work at old building, freaking place have no AC.
  10. lvl up my hots character to lvl 40, my buthcer to lvl 13, arthas, nova, sonya at lvl 10…
  11. finished 2 online novels this year.
  12. done on certain projects, well don really see i am on the promotion list for next year still.
  13. clear my of my debts, on the way to be a real debt free man soon.
  14. oh well one more things, highest ranking at lvl 9 at heartstone ever!

guess that’s what i’ve done for this year. nothing much but at least i’ve done something again.

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