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it is hard to believe i have not logon to wow for 2 months already. missing tons of friends like kuri san, mr. mao, daochang and la nina. i have no idea how long would la nina will be coming back, hopefully she would and i am still log in to the world of azeroth that time, or hopefully i am still surviving that time. 😀

i try to seek a perfect time to talk to my mom about getting a dog. time passed, still waiting for the right time though. ><

i try to seek for a right time to ask someone something. still waiting, or more like hesitating. 😀

always there are peoples who’s telling me that don’t wait, just go. chance won’t knock on your door. if you keep on waiting, you will get nothing. i strongly believe of that, no doubts. where there’s a will, there’s a way. i am just not being initiatives enough, that’s all. so i deserves to be a failure. oh boy, i missed <Failure to Launch.> ><

well we don always get what we want in our lifes, so i’ll just wait for you, instead of being more initiatives, i just wait, and i am happy with that. bite me, eh? 😀

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有时候,诚心的去帮助人,换来的,却是别人冰冷的对待。。。 或者是无情的欺骗。。。

“don’t talk to strangers”就是我们的教育。因此, 人与人之间就产生了一道墙。


为什么我们不可以把我们的防备心放下? 呵呵,难道是真的防人之心不可无吗? 这个天下无贼的境界是不存在的吗?

结果最近去了曼谷旅行,就因为觉得天下无贼,结果被3个骗子给骗了。 看来真心对人还是错的。。。

其实曼谷还是有很多好人的。不要因为几个骗子就把曼谷的形象破坏了。 坏人每个地方都有。 不好的事每天都会发生。

去过的地方,最好是喜欢它的美,忘了它的丑。。。 别把坏印象带回家。

还好警觉性高,没给那3个骗子骗了什么, 就走了1个多小时的冤枉路。


决不会因噎废食。 要贯彻少年的我的那种大无畏的精神。。。继续将心照明月。。。 呵呵


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being feeling blessed these few weeks after i had my sickness. before i realized i had it, there was a message passed to me so coincidentally from watching you tube. then so many friends so coincidentally came back to pg who gives me a pat at the back when i am down. thank you all of you. i appreciated the pats. 😀

always wanted to post thing song 😀

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in love

Yes, finally i am in love again. always wanted to have one, but not that keen until recent.

but too bad cant take her home though. my house doesn’t allow her to stay and my mom will keep on mumbling i presume.

oh dear when can i have you in my arm again, my love?

if i can have you, i promise that i will:

1. take you a walk every day, at least an hour

2. will give you a french kiss whenever you wanted it.

3. defended you when my mom chase you away.

4.teach you to play catch.

5. never cage you.

oh dear oh dear…. wanted a beagle so bad ><|||

dang Mr Tee, you have brought me to a level that i am not suppose to. ><

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nice quote

and it goes like this below:”

where is wisdom? lost in knowledge.

where is knowledge? lost in information.

where is information? lost in data.

where is data? lost in freaking database…”

this is so true 😀

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