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Home again

well coming back for a month, 2 weeks of holidays and 2 weeks of working from home. no special occasion, jut that some special rules that i will have to be away from china for 1 full month before 5 full years of staying to avoid some taxation. so i am back for one full month.

been travel to Macau before home, not to gamble, but for food. compare to Hong Kong, Macau also have great food, great hotel for better price. even the people are less arrogant than the Hongkie. seriously, why HK if Macau is better? just travel to Taipa you be amazed.

so what have i missed most in penang? well nevertheless, for it’s food of course. Nasi kandar, laksa, fried koay teow, koay chap, ice kacang, chendul,nasi lemak, fried koay kak. wish i could just keep going, the food list is long….

what have i miss during my time in penang? Junior of course. can’t hardly wait to go back to him. 2 more weeks though.

oh well, home again.


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