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la nina

it is another boring tuesday. it is the maintenance day and everyone is expected not to be seen. all are gone. all are disappeared. also missing the la nina as expected.

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蓝色星期一, 带着平淡的心情上班。 有一点失落。 昨晚没遇上她。

我喜欢跟网友聊天,开始排斥身边的朋友。算不上排斥, 顶多是把自己跟外界脱离,过着隐士般的生活罢了。

真实的我不喜欢说话, 平常说话都是为了应付别人。 但是在网上却和人滔滔不绝。 究竟是网上的我是原来的我, 还是真实的我是原来的我?

最近喜欢和一位小女孩聊天。其实小女孩一点都不小,都是20几岁人了。 只是我喜欢较她小女孩。其实也没什么好谈的,就有事没事哈拉一下。。。

一开始也没什么意图的, 就净聊。。。 很可笑的是我当她是中国人, 她也当我是中国人。。。 后来呢。。。我的朋友告诉我她其实是马来西亚人。。。 囧。。。我还没告诉她我也是马来西亚人。。。 ><

其实心里蛮不好受的,我不是一个喜欢讲谎话的人, 只是不知道几时跟她说而已。。。


刚刚遇见了道长,毛同志, 可惜没看见小女孩,多少有点失落。估计明天的心情还是淡淡的坝。。。 囧。。。。


妈勒个逼。。。想太多了。。。 睡吧!

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Repent! and you sins shall be forgiven…. well i never believe in any forms of gods, and i would never ask to be forgiven. >< what is done is done. i shall not hide and i am ready to face any consequences.

i hate to make a lie. once you have started one, you keep it coming… to cover the one u have lied earlier and keep it going until forever.

in my life i have never being lying so much since the past few months about myself. it has bugged me for the past few days ago and i just realize it is near to impossible to tell my dear friends the truth now.

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sometimes it is very sensitive when i am making a statement on some one without telling who they are and always someone else will come up and yell at me “OMFG/KANASAI/TMD! why on earth you are saying something bad on me?” well, i never mention about that was you, you just assume that that was you. i don like to defend myself or anyone else when someone is pointing finger at me. even that i know that i am not done anything wrong.  defending on myself or someone else is totally pointless. someone already created an bad image on me, which more or less that they have magnify the some area over who i totally am, it is difficult to denied or defend that they are telling is not part of me. so most of the time, i just listen.

well some people just cant deal with that. nothing i can do, act whatever you want, and you was hoping i would give a damn? ><||| haha think again. i would just never care. i cant stop on how people think on me.

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Zomg i am a drood ><

lol funny… looks like i m gonna be a bear drood. ><

Which World of Warcraft Class Are You? Quiz

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been watching hell’s kitchen season 8 for the past 2 days.  watched until last episode and unfortunately fall asleep. duh… well imo this season is the worst from the past that i had watch.

aww now my eyes are painful.

i didn’t manage finished the last episode, but seriously i don’t really wanted to know who wins the game. either of the contestants doesn’t really deserves to win imo. so i have lost the interest to find it out.


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wow. wow all the time.  nothing much from the outside world that are so attractive enough that can get me away so far. i am so fail.

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