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just another day in living in china, with tiring body and mind. it’s a big city here, yet i have no interest to visit any other place. even on the weekend, all i want is just to lay down and turn on the TV or going to the cinema for the movies. age and injuries got me down i guess, as well as my laziness. they make me feel tired and pain, feels like shackles on my both legs, taking a step needs to takes so much energy.

never ask if i have visit anywhere after i m here, because i never been to anywhere. have i really been to SZ? to me this is a place for me to work and go home to sleep.

another SSDD.

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half year gone. ┬átiring first half year. get lost from 140 kg to 113 kg, and still losing… not sure if this a good sign, i am surviving still, struggling and surviving….

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