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Mid summers week

its week 27 which it is a new week start from the 2nd half year. have everyone notice that?
it aint surprise to me that a 29 years old ppl still listening to what their mon’s said. well it’s hard to make decisions i know. but sometimes, u have to make the call. please, for the good sake of urself, please grow up. hmm singing to a cow doesnt makes the cow smarter eh? a moment ago i was just writing about ego and now see how egoness i am. well i owe you and appology in my humble heart. i just hoping that u are the one who makes the decisions.
oh well what the heck.. its mid summers time! what is the plan? its a start of the 2nd half year! well here’s my wishlist:
1. growing up! mentally i am still stop at 16 i guess. never learn about something call responsibility in my life.
2. breakaway! beijing here i come at 3rd aug! well i m planning to visit a net fren and her fiance in beijing, too bad she hadda accident in NZ and broken her legs to few pieces and couldnt make it and someone else call it off at the last minutes. i guess i m gonna travel alone again. but hey what the heck, one of my frens told me that he would go only he have enough savings! pffft… define enough.
3. i have an adventurous personality! i need to move out from my comfort zones! self improvement plan pls bloon!
4. careers! err… what careers?!
5. another breakway plans! to Xian i guess this time on december or next year january! need to plan again. working makes my life dull.

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Analytical thoughts

if mens classified as a black area and womens are white, there’s something in between call grey area. which a relationship that comes into place. a grey area consists of tolerate, caring and sharing from both mens and womens. eventually, if one side cant understand that, the relationship will be broken unless the other side gives in more efford to maintain the grey area. however, if not side are giving efforts on this, i guess both black and white will not be mixed together.
imo, a marriage are 2 ppl that have to be responsible to maintaining the grey area. loves brought 2 ppl together, but responsibility keeps 2 ppl together. one sided just cant say that it is just not so you because of have to maintain this area. ego is an attitude that always keep someone feels that they are diffrent from others. what makes u so diffrent from others? the world exists not because u are here, the world exists because it ‘s just there! a good way for a egoholic to throw away their attitude, is learn how to bow. a bow is an action that shows respect to the bowed person. it’s an action to show that u are lowering ur attitude to that person. its a contradict to egoholic. if both of the black and white can bow to each other, i guess they would have more grey area to maintain. i hate japanese most of the time(they kill my anchestor!), but i have to admit that something good that we have to learn from them.
how to do make a respecful bow, u don really have to bend 90 degree. a 90 degree bow means that u are begging someone. what you just have to do is just bend ur body to about 20 degree and lowring ur head as well, eyes have to look at the oppositions shoes. some ppl bow but their eyes looked at the opposition, thats shows that he is force to respect him but in actual fact he is not.
if u are thinking of breaking up from that grey area because of the opposition’s fault. try to bow on them i don’t believe u would be able to do so. unless u are trying to make the relationship back, then try to talk to the opposition, that u bow’s to them and the bowed u back.

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Tiring minds

having 2.5 hours of sleeping time today. slept at 5 and woke up to work at 7:25. trolling at work. everythings i looks seems that it moves in slow motion. well it’s monday and expecting of long and boring meeting, since it’s boring, i can have my mind rest.

i never like of dreaming when i sleep. they only way to do it is to make myself extremly tired so my minds cant roam free when i sleep. yet i have slept alot nowadays, especially on weekends, i had slept for more than 7 hours which 4 hours at nite and 3 hours in the afternoon. most of the time, i am just having the same spooky dreams which i hate it so much. come on give me a new scene please. i always hatta dream of i was trap in the big old fasions house with tons of coffins in there and running away from the chinese vampire. and always my minds waking me up when the vampire that had found me.

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