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guilin experience

well before i pass the immigration gate of guilin i was checked by the immigration personnel! zomg do i really looks like a terrorist? gosh.
guilin city is a beatiful place. the city area aint as big as hangzhou and not as clean as hangzhou, the ppl in there eats dog. yaiks!
the hotel i am staying in guilin near the city center. there’s a walking street just outside the hotel with lotsa food! too bad mostly they sell are selling steamboat serve with dog meat. most of the time i just go to the muslims restaurant to have noodles there. well their food are nice and cheap! 1 bowl of beef stomach noodles only costs RMB 4 and 10 dumplings only costs RMB 2! the food massage in there is cheap too costs me about RMB 30 per hour!
the first few days the tempreture climate was cold. and i left my coat in malaysia! the next day when i goto li jiang trip travel by boat! i almost freeze to death! lol and the local ppl there are so curious about me wearing short sleeve and tot that i am immue to cold weather due to my size!
the scenary of li jiang is really nice. the water is clear, the hills were pretty and the food in the boat too! the fish is so fresh as the chef crew in the ship buy the fish directly from the fisherman and cook for us. i order a steam stonerock fish and gosh.. the moment i put into my mouth it melt!
the next day i went to took the bus alone to long ji. the trip takes me about 4 hours to reach there. it was the uphill road and it’s kinda dizzy to stay in there for 4 hours +. after reaching the viewing area of zhuang tribe, there’s an middle age lady approaching me to intro me to stay in their hotel. well was following her to her hotel with carrying my travelling bags to walk up to the hotel. almost fainted at the middle of the journey. have to climb up hurdreds of stairs before reaching the hotel! well she offered to carry my bags for me for free since i m staying in her hotel but i have rejected her of course. moved up slow like a turtle and finally given up my bags to her in the middle of climbing. it was heavy and getting heavier! sigh.. what a man i am. the hotel is new. it was open for business not long ago. the air in long ji is so fresh and cold. the first nite there’s 4 more chinese guy was staying there too. so we were having dinners together in the hotel. having steamboat and wines. was force to have wines i usually don drink them. goddamm chinese ppl. was talking crap in there though i don really know them. hehe. the next day morning i was climbing up to the top of the hills to see the 7 star surrounding moon view. and was thinking to go to climb to another view. but nearly exhausted i have to make myself back to the hotel. the night there were a spanished couples stay in the hotel. the guy name fernando and they are backpackers that they have left their job and everything in barcelona and travel for one year. the gonna travel from china up to mexico before the going back to their homeland. we then talk about yangshou and he tells me of his experience. i left long ji in the next morning and going back to guilin city.
stay in the same hotel again i spent my night by visiting the guilin river trip. it was the 15th day of the chinese new year and ppl are celebrating yuan xiao that nite, firecrackers are over the night skies. the next day i visited the elphant hill, which not far from the hotel i am staying and also take the cab to lu di cave.
then i set foot to yangshuo at the very morning on the next day. there’s also a lady offering me the hotel stay which is somewhere near west street. spending 5 days in yangshuo visiting places and shows. there’s one show directed by zhang yi mou one of the famous director in china call impression sister liu. the show take place in one side of li jiang river and there’s like 600 over ppl playing in the show. it was epic! during the valentine’s day i watch the fishawk’s catching fish show at nite. didnt took any photo of it though. but it was a great show too.
staying back at the same hotel again in guilin city after i come back from yangshuo for one night before i go back to malaysia. i have miss out so much places and shows in guilin to make me an excuse of revisiting. it is worth to pay another visit!

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back from guilin

yes. i am back. nice trip. good scenary view, fresh air, problem free. worth trip.

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Chinese New Year

it’s the 10th day of the chinese new year. somehow don really few happy about that except that i can stay home and wow all day long. life sux. but i kinda like it.

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