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just created a new category: stuffs for junior.

always wanted to write something for my junior to read on, well life’s short, who know?s i might not have enough time to teach him how to be a real man, better i could write on here for him/them to read on.

first thing i want you to know jr, is that i am always be proud of you. no matter you are the most badass man in this universe, the crowd blender, or be a respectful man. no matter which path you are picking up, you always have ur pap behind ur back.

face fear with courage, have nothing to lose, we eat fear.

face sorrow with joy, live like no tomorrow.

face stress like toy, we toyed stress.

have courage and joy, they are in our blood.

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yes, level up.

for how long i have not heard of this sound “ding”.

ever since i quited wow? or ever since i married? or ever since i quit?

well it doesnt matter now, i just dinged. 1 level up to be the father rank

now… look at me precious, looks like me eh? well it’s me precious anyway…. it’s mine…. 😀


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