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mid summer

half year gone. another half year coming, week 25 and week 26 is coming real soon. days after days, weeks after weeks. what have i achieve again this half of year?

well hasnt been playing wow for years else it would be a mid summer event, hehe not sure if there are anymore after the cataclysm.

level 40 over heroes of the Storms! well still sux at playing though.

Hearthstone, ah well what can i say about hearthstone, too lame, struggling at lvl 15 ranking still, up and down, up and down…

works, hmm well getting transfered and hope for a new start, leaving up the messed to others, don care.

life, hmm one thing i’ve master in china, ignore everything, as long as it has nothing to do with me, just ignore it. it’s gone one level up now really.

companion, junior is behaving good and super lazy like me when at home. save me a lot of trouble. good doggie…

half way on the witcher 3 and call a halt. too lazy to continue

still on nba 2k15 my GM for at year 2017 transfer noah and gasol for aldrich. bad move it seems but my winning streaks is piling up… loves noah in real life thinks one of the icons for the bulls.



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been a while

well just like i got frozen and yet time passes, it’s been a while since my last post, feels like yesterday. lost in time? more like a brain cramp or brain frost.

busy at sucky job still, not in a mood to post anything i guess. boss’s soft, but thats fine. i am gone and reassigning to other job, let the new guy feels the pain, so i can walk to another unknown abyss of pain.

lychee seasons is up, so does durians season. cant really explain how good the lychee in shenzhen, gotta taste it urself then u know what i meant, seriously. never missed a nice shenzhen lychee when u claim yourself a food lover. the type 糯米滋 is the best!


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