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home sweet home

finally… backed home at the very last day of year 2011. tired as hell… being eating loads nice food from the past week. seriously, if someone ever asked where have i been when i m in Bangkok… well sorry i have no idea at all… all i know is only FOOD! 😀

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many years ago, once there was one guy asking me, “what is your dream? how are you going work you way to achieve it?” well that guy is doing the direct sales and  trying to brainwash me of course that time…

now, today, what is your dream? what do you want to achieve? have anyone still think about it? many people never have that kinda thought anymore. are we living in such a world that are so realistic and cruel that we don’t have time to have our own dream? seriously?

people were born with attitudes, when you were giving new task, not many people would take it as a new task or the learning curve, but sees that as extra work with you have to work extra and get no rewards?  fuck that shit… think again?  what you have learn will never be a lost to you, one day you may be thankful for what you have learn. you think Micheal Jordan build up his empire because simply he a just a great natural born athletic? no champion is natural born, you need to work hard to achieve it.

there is one time when i go to interview as a programmer job…. the interviewer laugh at me when i tell them my favorites subject in class was literature. i was embarrass that time, but today i am glad. i am glad that when i write something, people can understand what i want to tell. i would want to use a phrase that is originally from one of my customer to ask:” hey which college or university you are from again? oh my… you are a disgrace of the university!” i am glad that i am a better version of myself now comparable to many months back. i tried my best to explain but you would just never listen properly. ><

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if and only if

well when you start to made a statement that start with or contains the word “IF” in any phrases, that means that the all the things you made after the word “IF”, that you never owns it.

IF i have clear my debt, i would…

IF i have a millions, i would….

i would be nice to you, IF….

ask away IF you are unsure….

i would go after her IF…

i created a wrong idea, i just find out. ><||| i have put an IF to a statement. and i didn’t even realize it. thankfully to my half functioning brain… the light bulb just lights on when i was on my way home from NWP Starbucks after the sipping of my favorites coffee. how could i ever plant that kinda wrong idea in my mind without knowing that it will never be going to happens when there are an IF in it?

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Candy Girl

been a while, the Archies, wonder who had watch this before. well here’s the Archies song. sugar sugar.


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快了快了。。。 快了快了。。。

快了快了。。。 快了快了。。。



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come on,  seriously i think you failed at counting. can’t you see that 1200km trip is about RM540 + tol RM100 +allowences are almost close to total of RM700?

i get my guys to go down by plane, RM400 + allowence +hotel 100 + Taxi RM50, about RM490. which is more cost saving?

you could never earn my respect, seriously. you have close your mind and i would save my breath to explain these to you.

do the fucking thinking, where’s brain, seriously?

no wonder our market share drop and stay forever at the bottoms.

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mind games

being playing this mind game recently, seems simple but it takes time to master it.

here is what i do, trying to read the alphabet from Z to A in 15 seconds. the hardest part? kjihg. always stuck at this part ><

lotsa thing sometimes if we can look at different angle, it may give us surprises. don’t always follow, try to change. we will see how far we can reach…


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