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imbalance nowdays, too much games, too much rest, too much food, less work, less socializing. ><

guess my health level are below par now. cough like hell for weeks and still cant recover.

man when will this be end? need to get to balance my life for good.

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another long weekend.

spending 3 days at penang and the rest at Bangkok. 5th days of the holidays. finally had the durians back at my hometown. and the long missing nasi kandar and nasi lemak ali at the bank street there. did my banking stuffs too.

nice hotel mr tee is staying while at penang thanks to him I gotta get to take a rainshower bath, and the bathroom are freaking huge like a mni swimming pool size. check the seven terrace out if you ever plan to stay in penang. it located at steward lane which is at the penang heritage area. too bad the water is hot I would expect it would be cold. duh, who would take a hot shower in sucha hot weather? ><


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nori and uni

WIN_20150708_083633 WIN_20150708_083710

lovely nori, name him as he is black like the dried seaweed that we ate.








both are from the same dad.








uni, colors explains everythings. both are very passionate and loves to play with people. need behavior training though imo. dog’s at my friends place.WIN_20150708_083719

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