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screw screw screw

having all jobs stop at my ends, monitoring and programming. and get screwed is all what i have get… well lived with that.. screw this…

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2006 wrapups

well it looks empty.. well hell ya… nothing to wrap…

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bad on health

caught up with food poisoning and fever these ew days.. wasnt good in shape.. so i m here.. writitng up my blog.. it’ not really good to take a rest since my work is pile up… tall like a mountain… and well it’s kinda pressure… well it’s a process that everyone will have when they are given more responsibles and important job… frens don understand why i would work so hard for it… instead some ppl ask me to resign and find a better place that have high place and more relaxing… hmm i aint french… i wont runaway other peoples are giving me their trust… think of that way.. the more work and responsibility are given to me.. which mean my boss trust my abilities… and well… although i am not sure how capable i m to assure i wont fail them, but at least i will do my best not failing them… well everyone loves easy life… but hey.. no life is easy unless u were borned with silve spoon… every job and every people have their own pressure… who doesnt have except for those whose plan to leave and doesnt care about their work… people tents to leave when they have pressure and they think that they will have less pressure when they join a new company… haha… think further and you’ll find that jumping to another company with the same job level is just not a good idea…. you still stuck with the same shit u gotta taken care of…

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