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since when does rank existed? since when ppl start to stay feels that they are higher level than others? what are the purpose of creating so much levels amongst all the people? aint we all equal when we were born? well i guess the answer is no. when we were born, the color of our skins first decided which level we will be, then comes the culture level of our anchestor, the wealthiness and then education levels.
i am sad when i told my fren that when a fren of mine coming from china, when he is coming over, that we should bring him out to compete with the best alcholic amongst our group of frens in malaysia, and the answer i got from my fren is that fren of mine are not qualify to sit together with his group of frens. i was furious. we have no choice to choose who we are when we were born, we have no choice to choose when we have to to drop out from skool when we need to make money for living. and now what? i was told that they are not qualify?
i never ask to get awarded when i did my job. when there’s risks exists and i took the risk, i believe that then time when i made the decisions, if everyone not voicing up any other opinion, the decision stays. do not mumble or pull my leg after i made the call. it never help.
some ppl i just never give any advise. most ppl thinks that i don talk much, well if i know that ppl will never take any advice from me, then never shall i speak of any!

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