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another SSDD

well it’s been a while, everyday is just another SSDD to me. so what makes this SSDD diffrent that another SSDD that i would eventually put in on my blog?

hmm, i would put it on my blog because i can, and i wanted to, that’s all.

coming week is my planned holidays, while i just came back from long holidays few weeks ago. needs to enjoy my moments while it lasts.

ages had caught up on me, and am getting lazier to travel, used to enjoy traveling, now just staying home with my junior will be my best moments. another steps closer to senior citizenship, hehe.

many many years ago, when i was small, i remember that my mom took me to a fortune lady asking what will i be when i grow up. she told that your son will be traveling and working abroad, and will travels to places, well it came true when i started my 3rd job, and my next job would ask me to work abroad, amazingly the fortune teller has her propercy fulfilled.

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