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“if you loves life, don’t waste time, for time is what life made of…” ~bruce lee

apparently i must be hating my life… wasting my time so much….

just came back from starbucks after blackout at home. go to the one at NWP and met the starbucks girl again. surprising she is still there working. haven’t been meeting her for about a month…

ordering my ordinary macchiato and just sitting there doing nothing. texting mr anderson and watching the at my handphone’s time. then suddenly it just caming into my mind that why i am wasting my time? ><

something is missing that’s why i am wasting my time, without having regrets? what have i missed? well i just couldn’t care more…. when the time comes, i will figure it out? haha… maybe i should have change my attitude…. but then again, if i change, that would not be me right? should i change? should i change not? hmm… have to flip a coin to decide i guess 😀

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yet another day of my boring life

oh well another day of my boring life. well nothing to be surprise of, it’s month end, so it’s the end. poor like hell.  finishing my nba 2k 12 at final 3-0 and won the last game of the playoff and the game just freeze at loading screen after i won, dang mofo…. not just once, but thrice!  guess gonna call it for a while, after the new patch is coming i guess, so go for mtgo, planning to go draft together with mr anderson. well he’s some kinda busy… ><

so walk out to the room to watch some tv show and my dad just switch to his favorite show at channel 333… ❤

so walk back, go to youtube and listening to the music i guess… sigh another day of my boring life ><

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经文之中,就只有心经念的最多。 念了这么多次, 都不明白他的意义。 惭愧。。。


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when disaster happens, should be pin pointing each other for who should it be responsible? or should we hold ourselves up, no matter what color are we, what race are we, that we would give out our hands on each others?  where is our sense of humanity? everyone lives for themselves today… we were taught and educated in such a way nowadays. there are needless to be denial.  it seems the lie, cheat and steal are born together within our blood. where are the virtues? sigh..

when bad things happen, correct it! repent later! give hands to others, or at least make ourselves useful by moving aside and not blocking others way! ><|||

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listening, with heart

yes, i hear you. but i have a problem, the sound just pass through, it can’t stay in my mind. ><

seriously, it bugged me for a while already >< my job is to listen and understand. to listen and capturing nothing for most of the time, giving some idea base on my feeling, it’s like when someone is telling me something, i couldn’t really understand when they are trying to say, but… i can give them solutions ><|||

how could this be possible? and i cant really recall what they were saying…

too much pressure i guess, i am not myself for now i guess. my soul is trying to hide for multi reversing of decisions. i am lost… in time, in place, in personality, in mind, in decisions….

again the lights that showing my path have become dimmed. i am so soulless, walking in the dark, i need light! at least a torch….

last night, i heard this music, i think it is healing my soul, somehow. 😀 hopefully i can get all my pieces together, and start again to be able to listen with heart.

很多时候, 不能自主做的决定, 肯定是人生的一大败笔。我想, 出来混,肯定是要还的。失诸交臂, 有时未必是件坏事。今天失去了, 明天可能会得到更多。 只是现在两头不到岸呀。。。 我不想做个没担当的人。但又害怕去面对。。。 哎呀。。。 压力阿。。。

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一般在生活里,除了玩游戏,对任何事都没什么感觉。对某某人, 某某事一般都不会去废太多心思去注意, 除了几位谈得来的好朋友, 其他人我也没什么其应酬。 最近喜欢跟朋友去星巴克去看一位小女孩,感觉上真的是小女孩呵呵。。。多少都是受了N先生的影响吧。 至少感觉到她那亲切的服务,至少我很满意。 嗯, 很多人在服务业, 竟然都没有专业的服务,连个基本的微笑都没有。。。 哎呀。。。 至少都做好本分吧?

几乎差点成为愤青的我,还好在情绪上上了一趟课,与其每天都在对每件事看不过眼,倒不如什么事都少管一些。 乐得清闲。。。

N先生是乎很想认识星女孩, 但又不敢直接去问,呵呵。。。 老鼠拉龟阿。。。 囧。。。

希望N先生早日有所行动吧! 嘿嘿。。。 喜欢就喜欢吧,还那么在意别人对你怎么想? 大不了把人吓跑了, 一了百了。。。 喜欢又不是罪, 没什么好怕的。。。 喜欢是不用付责任的呵呵。。。喜欢就去认识她吧。。。


欲知剧情如何,请看下回分解。。。因为我也不知道N先生会如何出手。。。。 呵呵。。 好期待。。。

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