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很多人喜欢在事情发送之后说假如是他就如何如何的。。。貌似他就是那位天上派来拯救世界的英雄。 可惜世界没有假如,某某也只能在聊天的时候意淫一下而已。




人生有限,我们能做的事情也只有那么的多,不要停滞不前。 往后看可以检讨,回顾,怀念,但是一定要往前走。不要因为怕而逃避,不要因为怕而绕道走。


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well today my son just turn a year old. and i am far away from him now. did i missed my son? well i have not seen him personally ever since last year chinese new year. why is that? well everyone has a story to tell.

i bought Woody as a present that was never sent out though.

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you only live once. never be afraid of doing anything jr. face what you at most fear like nothing. never missed anything that you will regret for life. love someone? work your way out to get her. well i don’t mind if he is a guy sonny, so long it makes you happy.

live your life like there is no tomorrow. well no one knows whats gonna happen tomorrow anyway, so go ahead, the world is yours, do whatever you like, however, you need to face the consequences. have balls to deal with it though, the last time i check when i change on your dippers, it is still perfectly attached.

love your friends like your siblings, they will be with you, all the time, it could be vary people, but they are all in the category that we so called them friends. parents, siblings, spouse can all be gone,  but friends last forever. you may not have to believe in peoples, but you need to learn to believe your friends. from time to time, you will find your best friend along your life, at different people, different time, different place.


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lesson no 1

first thing first, what’s important? think. yes, u have to learn to think, think before you act, think before you say. think before you start doing anything.  let me quote this for you:

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

when you starts thinking, things never goes wrong. look around you, you will easily find out who never use their brains to think, it is not difficult to find out, if you gets whom i am pointing to. if you do, papa is glad, it shows that the brains are developing well.

to help you to think, try to play chess, board games, brain teasing games, any games that utilized brains are good for you.

to help you to think further, then go open up your eyes, go see the world, see how much differences are in this world would be, how much differences from what you have lived up and this world, how small we are.

there are never be a good thoughts or bad thoughts, there are only positives and negetives thoughts, and please son, always keep the positive ones, negative thoughts brings no values but constructive and catastrophic consequences, it always leads you to the wrong decisions. in your character, you can be good or bad character, i do not mind that you would become a terrorist or mobster, just don;t make a wrong decisions due to the negative thoughts.

one mind at a time, too many minds, no good. well we will go through that when it reaches lesson no.95, concentrates.

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just created a new category: stuffs for junior.

always wanted to write something for my junior to read on, well life’s short, who know?s i might not have enough time to teach him how to be a real man, better i could write on here for him/them to read on.

first thing i want you to know jr, is that i am always be proud of you. no matter you are the most badass man in this universe, the crowd blender, or be a respectful man. no matter which path you are picking up, you always have ur pap behind ur back.

face fear with courage, have nothing to lose, we eat fear.

face sorrow with joy, live like no tomorrow.

face stress like toy, we toyed stress.

have courage and joy, they are in our blood.

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