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2010 year end wrap up

another year has passed. it’s week 51 now and nothing much that can be happen that I would be expecting for the coming week. so what have I achieved this year? what are the good and bad things I have met this year? what are the experience that I have gain?


  1. no bonus this year again, yet someone else in the team get their bonus and go home happily even they deliver a screw up product.
  2. Salary increase, not much, but better than nothing.
  3. retain the same employee level. nothing much I would wanna say about this, I asked to retain the same level, realize that even they have promoted me to a next level, I would not have much to increase the salary.
  4. learned to be forgiving. not as hot headed as past. though sometimes I will still lost control, but I see that I had improved a lot.
  5. never trusts your boss! this is the thing I’d learned every year in more depth. the more i  know a them, the more facepalm I am.
  6. learned 8 ways to eased the toothache.

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Fail people

some people ware “fail” tag label on them. they just fail. sigh… nothing much of words i can best describe about them, FAIL is a good words and it explains everything. many kinda people i have met, those smart asshole are just fine, at least they know who are suppose to messed with and who’s better to be stay away, some lazy kind will always find excuses to skip their daily job, and always find a easy way to get their work done. some stupid kinda are slow, but they are fine, they just stupid and well we shouldn’t be too look down on them, at least they make us feel that we are outsmart than someone else… but well, these FAIL kinda people, they are so ignorant yet they think they are so smart, making assumptions and decisions without letting people know what they are planning, thinks that everyone in the world should know what is in his mastermind, and defending themselves by putting excuses to others by making some fail lame excuses which a smart people can easily know what they are lying would have doubts. never in my life i find it so difficult to deal with someone so fail. lets tag him the Mr failure No.1 for now. sigh….

well my parents use to told me that when i had done something wrong, i should make no excuses but just admit and should have take the bite for whatever i should have pay for. some people will start defending themselves like they have never did before and push all the faults to others, they just never admit that they have done wrong. what wrong with admitting that? at least we could learn from our mistakes.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ~Thomas Edison

if we all can learn from mistakes/failure we would be a better man the next day. some retard fail people just don’t get it.

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