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call it a day

it’s sunday and i have to come here to work. i wonder why i am working so darn hard and i never get rewarded and no one seems to appriciate it. "if i fight for u, will i get to kill the englishment? don change the subject, just answer the fucking question!" "the answer is not, u fight for me, i’ll whip you and i’ll ask you to be the grave digger. after i have no use of you, i’ll throw you into the grave you digged." "sounds awful..", said stephen. "it’s too late to turn back now, start working!" wallace shouted at stephen and whip him… and for the day and so, stephen get to dig and dig and get whip by wallace and robert so that he could dig faster and deeper. from sunday until saturday, day and night, digging the grave…

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Final Conclusion

it’s been a while that the banner carrier thinking of such question and final conclusion he has come to. he used love the banner and the guild so much, yet everything is turn against him except for the good pay. the banner carrier not just have to carry the banner, but he must draw the sword to fight again, and being a medic in the battle field, and grave digger too. Yet the Guild Master CTC is not happy at the carrier banner still. He expect that the banner carrier to perform better. he had complain that the banner carrier is running slow and as when he confront with the enemy, the banner carrier is still way behind the battle field. well, the banner carrier’s ability is limited. he cannot run fast as he had to slowdown and become the medic and grave digger and fight at the same time. high hopes always get disapointed. and soon, the decision will be revealed.

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