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nagging whinny

i hate sucha pussy so much when i had to face them at work. i already had enough of sucha ppl in the land of azeroth. when i come back to my real life again i m facing such people. when there are issues, never magnify the issues, identify the issue, break it down one by one. always keep it simple. don start whining. and when ppl ask to perform some simple steps of diagnoses, just follow and stop nagging. hello…its not standard 6 anymore…. grow up please.
pussy, u are a disgrace of whatever…

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world cup again.

yes. another 4 years gone. being enjoying world cup month since i was in form 3 when i am about 16 years old. when i was young, when the time maldini was young and the bebeto from brazil is having his first born child during the quarter final and roger milla was the oldest scorer in the cameroon team. yes i have a good memory of world cup. whats my favorite team? well in 1994 my favorite team was Italy that brazil win, Roberto Baggio missed the penalty kick. 1998 was brazil and france took the cup, Ronaldo underachieving in the final. 2002 was france but brazil won again brazil vs germany. 2006 my favorite team still france, but they have broke my heart and italy won the world cup, yeah, thanks to materazzi provoking my Zidane, my favorite star player.
so what about this year? lets get the finger cross and hope that argentina will make all the way to the final.

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