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My Beijing Trip

Stay Tune! coming soon when i have time and space. need to do this at home when i got back to pg.

this time, i have and cut my hair so that i don looks like a terrorists before i go in to china. and as expected the customs officer let me goes without stopping me for investigations. it was 7 in the morning when i reach tianjin. so i took the bus from the airport to the railway station directly and get the ticket directly to beijing around 9:15 am. unbelievable the train is running at maximum 350 KM/H and it only took like 30 minutes to reach beijing. got down from train, took the cab, and have no idea where should i headed! zomg. the cab driver have no idea where to drop me off and i just spoke of some road names and then open up my phone to search for the area i wanted to go. damn i have short term memory lost again. finally reach the hotel that i wanted to stay at east46 avenue. it’s in a small hutong where i have to walk about 5 minutes to be there. the hotel were fully booked though when i reaches there. luckily i saw a few around the corner when i walk in. yet out of luck i’ve tried a few and all were fully booked! zomg wtf?!! well it seems that it’s the summer break in china so most of the hotel in beijing were fully booked. luckily i’ve found one just somewhere opposite the zhangzhizhong subway station. the rates are RMB203 per day which it was actually below my budget. yay! first glance at the room it’s looks fine for me. it’s clean enough and confortable enough. so i unload my bags and get to the receptionist to ask for the direction to tian an men. too bad they are bad in servicing line instead of how they just told me to ask the ppl in the subway station. oh man what kinda service is this?! even i can do better! so i go to the subway and ask the personel there.

the subway ticket is extremely cheap surprisingly! only cost me about RMB 2 per trip. 😀 i have to took the transition in order to reach tian an men. not really a problem for me as well i can read chinese words and smart enough to know how to tranfer the rail. when i reach tian an men it is about 12 in the noon. the first impression for me about the visting place are those place are huge and gigantic.sigh… i never realise how little i am until i saw the tian an men and other buildings. i have to walk thru the square in order to reach the gate and through the gate it was the forbidden city! before going into the forbidden city i bought the ticket to enter the top level in tian an men. yes and it costs me for RMB15 i think. the ticket to forbidden city also costs me about RMB60. well what the hack there’s some other exhitbition just at the both corner of forbidden city also need to costs money to get in?! wtf this country are nothing free but air! oh well so i took the tour to the top level of tian an men. well it quite worth the money from the view to look at from there. the entire square with lotsa ppl and vehicals and also the gigantic building at the side(chairman Mao’s memorial, national monument and also the great hall of people). after then i just go and took my lunch over there. i’ve order the zhazhiang mian( noodles with cucumber slices and mince soy source). damn it was freaking salty and according to others it is a must try things for beijing’s food! omfg.

the first day i spent my 6 hours over the tian an men, forbidden city and jing shan park( where the ming dynasty emporer hang himself). and i almost got cripple for walking so much hours! >< finally call it aday and take the cab back to hotel(too tired cant walk). back to hotel and take a short rest and go out again gonna try the most beijing roasted duck at chuenquede restaurant. it was located in jianmen, which is reachable by subway too. yay! i took about an hour to look for that god damn restaurant in jianmen god jammit and when i finally reach the restaurant the waited informed me that they have sold out the roasted duck! with total disapointment i drag the exhausted body back to hotel and had my dinner at the fast food corner just infront of the hotel. didnt believe it was so bad so i order a zhajiang noodles again. and this time i can confirm that it cook in the way that it was way too salty for me. damn what a day!

damn brb

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i think that’s a fact. should have let you go and let you leave be by your good self. it’s been long and yet i m still care about you. let it go… let it go… let it go…

some people loves to ruins other’s life. i am going on vacation and in vacation mood yet some one likes to screw it up. i have done my best to get the job done and just because i cant get the addhoc things done i m getting screwed. cant they wait until i come back? hell yea i guess it makes them happy. maybe i care too much on my job. let it go… let it go… let it go…

ppl just never appology for that they have done. so ego…

ppl loves to screw ppl from time to time. i got screwed countless time, ppl asking me to go on vacation, they didnt turn up, sadly she had an accident and broke her leg and have to stay in wheelchair for the coming 6 months, i don blame her, just hope that she will be getting well soon and hope she and her hubby lives well in NZ. STAY WELL ms. Guo!!! haha

time passes… yet i still lived in neverland… grown up? hmmm have to find a dictionary… ppl work hard to achive something, some ppl work hard to get a child, some ppl work hard to get a promotion… some ppl work hard to get a life time achievement… what is my goal? work hard to get screwed?? or wasnt hard enuf?

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