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i just had enough of my day. someone ask me to help and when i need the tools from him he just wouldn’t give me.

my car service center just call me that they cant repair my car and ask me to search for the repair shop outside. so much of helpful advise. NEVER BUY ANY HONDA CAR!!! THEIR AFTER SALES SERVICES SUCKS BIG TIME!!!


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all is well

caught myself an injury from the way to work yesterday. fall into the drain and got my leg scratch and swell. not a big deal, painful though. well glad i can feel it anyway 😀

another year, brand new one had started again, going to be 33 this year. and amazingly i don have much to ask, or an objective that i want to achieve or anything i want really hard… check back on my wishlist compare to last year and a few years back… hmmm is that normal?

i am becoming an otaku i think. not really like a full time one i think, but moving towards that way. moving away from the social world and living in my own. some kinda unhealthy life to most of the common ppl will think. but am i happy? well at least i am, for now. but what about 5 years later? or even 10 years later? is that the life i wanna have?

it is time for you to get a gal! well this is the most comments that i have heard… it’s freaking annoying though… i don really want to find someone because someone else said so. and still i have never really met any gals that i felt exciting at the moment.

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new year resolution

another year gone…

it is weird when i am telling people when i am going to become an insurance agent, the first thing people would tell you that “oh crap i have bought insurance already or something like oh i cant buy insurance from you…” come on i m just updating you guys what i m just sharing of my updates. have i ever ask you to buy anything from me? don’t be paranoid… some people just never understand anyway. and i never wanted to explain to them.

it is another year which i hope i can do something little different for myself. at least i am getting myself to be a part time insurance agent soon, thats a start. 😀

hmm.. nothing much i have in my wishlist this year… i have almost everything i want. maybe just a DSLR camera will be the no.1 item and the only item in my wishlist. might not be able to get it though, right now still have to stick to Sony PS3 Safari.

still hoping i have enough money to travel again this year. destination? hmm i still love to be in guilin again this year. or hangzhou or xiamen. zomg i love those place and i wish i would have stay in there.

well nothing much needed to be change for my living, am quite glad about them. being single and no string attached. life makes me lives without couple of friends, but well, who really cares? friend are for those who are insecure and needed of help people. for people like me? well i still do enjoy friendship, but maybe i am too difficult to be as friend i guess. 😀


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