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are you prepared?

day Zero count down to Diablo III. lets cross the finger that the package shall arrive today. /pray hard again.

it may not be the in land of azeroth, but i was hoping to meet my friends again, once again we shall fight side by side. are you prepared, my dear friend?

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Bell’s palsy

5th day of becoming the victim of Bell’s palsy. right side facial paralyzed. cant blink, cant eat well, talk like stallone… zomg… and the doc says it takes 4 months to recover. and the it may recover up to 70% only. dang, /pray hard.

look it up ><

chinese version: http://the-sun.on.cc/cnt/lifestyle/20101208/00484_007.html

English version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell’s_palsy

btw, Doc’s says it’s common, not sure how common is common, so pray hard too for yourselves.


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