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endless work

pretty tired to write out… i’d never understand why most pl have one job at one time while i’ll have to work multi tasking and they always chasing my ass to meet the dateline… am i looks to free so that they want to assign me more work? or they cant rely on other ppl to pass the job to or the wanted to get rid of me from this company? everywork fall behind schedule is my fault…. well i admit some of them are my fault.. but not all… i was asked to find an alternative way to finished up my work… so what can i do? bugged other pl to help me? everyone is busy and everyone are short of resources… who can provide help? and the worst part is that i have to cover their ass for the technical issue… because someone don even know what is going on when some technical issues comes up… alrite… seems like i know everything and only given me a 24 hours to solve the problem… "hey boonlee can u help me to solve this?", "hey boonlee i need ur help", "hey boonlee can u help someone coz the donno how?", each pl have their own ppl… why should i get involve in their team when they encounter any problem and jeopordize my own performance? "boonlee why u are behind your schedule?", "i need the things to be up yesterday… why isnt it finished yet??"
"u need to find alternative when u cannot finished ur job","give me the result by end of the business day!", questions, shouting over email… am i a slave or what? senority = more work and less respect. if i have to count about those ppl who can stay here for more than 3 years… i can use one hand to count them out. many frens are asking me to quit this job… yet i still hold on to it as i can see sth… sigh..

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 people think that i likes my work.. so they intend and insist to give me more work and expected my to complete all of them in the time i commited to them. well… i feel so exhausted for all the things that i m working at… i m just recover from a heavy sick… and i don get my holidays from what i m promised for until the next year… people never really volunteer for the extra work unless they are ordering to work on it…  people can pass their work ontime because they don get bugged all the time… and somemore people who suppose to take up the project never really want to get their hands dirty and always come to me ask for help to check on this and that… i m doing charity to help out because i was ordered to… but no one will ever likes to learn from what i have as if they learn, it would become their job. i don really see my cut off day for my previous project as one of the important part was so rely on me and i have no one to pass down to, and i have to take care of my voluntary work and my own projects… sigh… exhausted…

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the return of the bloon

well… after all days of hard work… being busy on and off work recenltly… havent got my blog updated… also that my boss told me that he’s reading my blog.. so wasnt really that keen to update them… since i said everything bad about my work life here mostly…
my trip to china has been delayed again and again and again… someone told me that if i could finished up all my proj.. he’d dare to approve my leave and well… i got it approved… but in a month later…. well i m furious? no i aint.. i couldnt do any thing… don even want to discuss about that… maybe i don have the passion to goto china anymore after waiting for such a long time… and my fren is coming back from china a month later… which i plan to meet him up there and he’ll show me around…

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