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one million

how big a million means to me?
well in maths, it is only 7 digit of number. 1234567.
in computer terms it is only 1 GB.
however if we are looking on a million of items lost, it’s a big issue. after physical count in my customer warehouse for the 3rd time, a million of items was lost, and total lost of value of 2 millions.
now, who is gonna bear the responsible? the WH manager, the WH officer, the data entry clerk, the customer, the MIS, the WMS software or anyone?
no one dare to be responsible for the loses.

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Crying baby

For the next coming project that’s require travelling. i should have cry infront of my boss and tell him i am not coming. seems that it work this way. if it doesnt, cry again and try him a resignation letter. it sure works.

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blogger arrested!

so malaysia government implementing a new rules that any malaysian who spread the news of racialsm that could harm the harmony of malaysia over the internet will be arrested, and the next day one of the most famous malaysian political blogger, RPK was arrested under internal security act(ISA).
the malaysia government thought that arresting him would make the blogger silenced. i think they are making a wrong move. we aint living in a stone age anymore. now everyone can get information from internet just with a single click. shut down one and 10 more will show up. i, as a malaysian, feel shameful for my country’s government act. they have never thought of the consequences before they make their move. they could take our freedom, but they could never take our thoughts!

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a special day to remember

11th september. a special day to remember.

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