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1 mind at a time. don keep many minds. 😀

too many minds will get us off focus, create distraction and make us lost our way. too many minds, no good. 😀

ppl nowadays have too many minds, eat time not eat, sleep time not sleep, when time to eat, eat, don play your god damn iPhone. >< when time to sleep, sleep, don’t count the sheep! ><

be a 1 minded person, the world will looks more simple and u will have less to worry.

“oh i need to save money so by the time i get old i will have the savings….” “oh i cant be a happy person because of blah blah blah…” too many minds, bad eh?

why worry when there are possibility that you might not even able to wake up tomorrow and there will be no tomorrow?

lived your life. enjoy the moment when you got it.

if we set our mindcept right, we would be winning everything. in a competition, the way to win, is not trying to screw our opponent, but just do the best of ourselves. by the time we did that, we will taste the joy of competition and regrets even when we are loosing out.

杂念是一种很坏的东西。除杂念,才能定心。念由心生嘛, 佛学说要六根清静有他的道理。六根清静了,才能六根互用。六根清静不是没有了六根,是我们的念不再随着幻境,环境的影响。

我开心,因为我开心的时候,我只想着开心。就好像吃饭的时候, 吃饭; 睡觉的时候,睡觉。

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呵呵又认识了一位很好谈的女孩。一位住在曼谷的台湾女孩。 自从小女孩不上艾泽拉斯大陆之后,终于又找到了可以谈天的女孩了。 嘿嘿。

我重视友情,但不强求。 有些朋友失去联络了,也没什么急想着要找回。。。 当时间对了,大家又会聚在一起。 天下无不散之筵席嘛。 看到很久不见的朋友, 大家都开心, 何不呢?

呵呵有时候我自己太中庸了, 很多事都懒得去解释,别人要说什么, 就让他们说好了。 反正清者自清。我还是我,别人还是别人。 世界不会因为某些人对另外某些人的看法而停顿,”one man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot“。 没什么好解释的呵呵 。。。

hmm…dejavu… i tot i had wrote the same thing before in my blog…. hmm well doesnt really matters, if i do, it means i am still who i am, then to now, ain’t it a good thing? maybe… maybe not 😀

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呵呵,脑海里不停的想着这首歌的旋律,很多人翻唱了这首歌, 但想不到原唱者竟然是罗文。 顾家辉填的词。 想起了某个人, 想起了某件事,想起了某个地方,想起了这首歌。意境太适合了呵呵。。。
















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hehe my fren said i m sad coz everyday i am eating the same shit. fried egg, fried chicken drumsticks, tofu and fried banana cake. well it is all good when i can see the happiness inside my sadness i guess. hehe saving the hassle of thinking where or what to eat at least. and it is my learning curve to learn to be tolerance. 😀 if i cant tolerate the same food everyone how could i ever learned to tolerate someone i loved for the rest of my life? 😀 hehe of course we have to start from somewhere? right? maybe i m am used to routine life already. is that good to have a change? well i pondered and i like to put down such statement : “god knows”  hehe well i never afraid of a change if i had to make one anyway 😀

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friends from internet

it feels so great, when i get in touch with my long lost internet friend again. someone just meant to be flash appearance in my life, and they keep on flashing from time to time, then disappeared again, it always bring me joys when they flash at me. 😀

this girl, the first one i have ever met through the internet, text me in my Facebook asking if i am the fat guy from Pg. ><

after replying back to her and she told me that she just keep on asking everyone name boonlee in facebook and finally she founds the boonlee she meant. 😀 well we have a short chit chat and i wonder when will i get to met her again. 😀 since she’s started to run her coffee business maybe i could just visit her for some free coffee samples! 😀

truly wished that she is having a good life and lives happily ever after. 😀


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走了,终于下定了决心。也许我的下了一个很傻的决定,好好的差事不作,呵呵, 就往火坑里跳。


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reverse decisions

being a while since my last travel… hmmm it just 2 months ago man… well doesnt seems like travel to me for being to bangkok. travel = being in somewhere totally strange with out knowing anyone or anything and enjoy my walk in a strange and diffrent country. by just getting drive by frens doesnt really counts i guess. i like acquaintanceship don get me wrong, with frens i had my good times there but i wanted to have the feel of walking in a strange land again. always have a heart of an adventurer 😀

i hate to change my minds after a decisions is made. i feel bad. maybe he is right, i am lack of responsibility, making decisions too early. i just have realized it a few weeks ago and yet i had made the same mistakes twice. ><

it is time to set on my foot. i know it and i want to make it happen. my journey will be ended soon and new one will be coming. sorry i have to reverse my decisions and i promised it will not be happened again.

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Mid autumn Festival

夜色晴朗而又宁静, 完全感不到中秋节的气氛。 也许心中百感交集吧。家里静得出奇, 平常还听到狗吠声, 嘈杂声, 今天反而什么都没听见。连个车辆的声音也没有。 没风没雨的日子过久了,终是要想去探探险。

“Quid pro quo” 今天我朋友教会了我这句话。 他说,人要为自己的价值打算。为何不为对你看得最有价值的人效力呢? 当然, 价值涵盖了金钱,尊重, 还有信任。他说, 人生就像一个股市,有人看得起,有人看不起,你总不可能把你的股票都卖给第二高价的人吧?恩,也有道理。

今天发了短讯祝福中秋节快乐, 呵呵, 没回复的人应该不会珍惜我这个朋友吧。 谢谢你们给我看清了谁还当我是朋友。

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i was provoked today if i dare to leave. the only thing i think of it is that i shall not need to prove anything to anyone. life is just like playing golf, no one u need to proved to but your self. i am myself to be challenge, to do it better or worse, there are no one to i should proved to. all this year I’ve worked in the same company, with so many to compete of, am i the one who is so worthless that i don’t deserves a better benefits? many years ago someone tells me that he doesn’t need a technical manager so i don get promoted but the other guy does. have i ever say a words then even i felt that it is unfair? after so much sweats and tears i have put in, but life’s unfair, that’s the way i look at it, so i take it.

i like challenges, it gives me the feel of being great after overcome what i am lacking of. i always believe in there’s a will, there’s a way.

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The 300th posts!

yay… this is the 300 post of my blog, another milestone i had achieve. nevertheless, is that a good sign? doesn’t that means that i am biding my time during the middle of nothing? hmm in middle of nothing… sounds awful. well how could someone doing nothing? the answer to this my friend, is simple, that he may have lost his motivation, or passion that when he asked for a raise, and the boss ask him to give 10 reason why he should have deserved, he did it, and found that the boss never take it seriously but another empty promised. well don take it wrong that i don like my job, well if i really don’t i wouldn’t have to stay and work for  8 straight years.

life was never being easy, and it is good whenever there are spikes. at least i could have experienced it. good spikes or bad spikes,  matters not, as the experience that to pass through it i value most. i once thought of ending my life when the i was diagnose and found out that i am a diabetes patient, but look at me now, am i worry less now than earlier? i was pathetic in the past, but well there’s always lights after darkness, when the time i saw the light, nothing much can worries me. the time of looking for the path to the light is difficult, well fear not, i find my path with the help and encouragement of my dear fellowships of my life, i gain courage and valor of a lion,striking sorrow with the fist of hammer. walk pass the mist in the shattering ground without doubt, and here i am, bathe in lights.

good results is a compliment, i value not. what i does, however, is the journey of life.

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last quarter of the year

starting of the last quarter, and this is it. wonder if the package would be attractive enough…. ><

nevertheless, i still keep my option open though. never put all eggs into one basket they say.

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