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on 27 March 2017, Mr Thanarit Pakhapolnipat a.k.a Mr Tee a.k.a Prynn in the world of Warcraft, have suffered a heart attacked and passed away.

the sorrow still struck my heart as I write on this, weeping like a baby when I first read of this terrible news from WhatsApp by Stella. just 2 weeks ago I just flew over and met this big guy for my birthday and now that he is gone? Shocking, Shocking news.

2 weeks ago when I was there, he have asked me what food i like the most in bkk and he drove me to the most of the place to fill up my food list, makes me a happy man with a happy stomach. we just had so much talks on how we ever met in the world of Warcraft, how many friends that have come and go… I helped him to setup the PC as he claims he would go back to the world of Warcraft and play with Vanny, which I believe that he just finding excuses that he wanted to rest more in his room, as I found out that he pants and needed to stop and pretending to stand and see how his operators is doing and ask me to walk myself to the office first. i knew that because he never had any care of this, he just need to catch a breath and he don want me to worry much about him, so i just walk along.

we had our friendship or more than 10 years, not many friends that i have would be this close with sucha long years of friendship. the first time when i flew over to bkk and meet this guy, it was the bad time for me where i had a very high blood sugar level and gravely ill, almost had my time done that time. i had to hold my pee for like one and a half hour from the airport to the restaurant and i stomp my foot on his car like crazy. until last week before i left his house he still cant believe my blood sugar are gone and challenge me to do the test with his dad’s equipment. the reading came out 107, slight higher than normal.

he gave me lotsa lotsa ideas and advices, wanted me to be in a better than what i am, sadly, most of them i never took from his, as it will be so not me if i did that. he has a good will to change me, i am just too stubborn to change i guess.

what’s a best friend like? best friend is the kind that mock you when you are down, but also offer you shelter when you need one with open arm, telling you their advise although they know you might not listen, share their life stories, bitches about everything, listen to your pitiful life story and laugh together with you. the world will be much less fun without you, mang.

i am grateful that you take me into your group of frens. i may be not a your best friend but i am grateful that i have know you, from a virtual world to the this real world. you are really like a big brother to me and you will always be my brother.

now, rest in peace my brother, you will always lives in my heart.

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