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seen a long lost friend in Facebook’s friend you may know. glad to see him married. it’s been years that we never met and talk, and that’s whom we used to call ‘brothers’┬áto each others. well nothing really last forever i guess huh. people come people go, people mad at me for what i have done, perhaps i am overdoing it, but well, that’s what made of me, i am who i am on those days.

regrets, i had a few, everyone had their regrets made in their living, i tried to made it right, but one hand made no claps. i could bring my regrets to the grave with no problems. regrets makes living with more complex, though all i want is a simple life, but not mind with one or 2 spike in my life.

i do not know what will be the end to this relationship until the day my time is up, maybe one day we could just bump up somewhere and say hi to each others, maybe we just walk away with cold shoulder, for what i cannot foresee, i could care less.

it is good and i hope that you lives well and have a joyful life. good friends may not need to be together all the time, but i sincerely hope that you are well. that is all that i matters. all is well, all is well.

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