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those were the days

it’s been a while since that i have stop playing wow. last year my buddy ask me to head back to wow: legions, but i have not. it was a great loss coz i would never play with him anymore.  today when i saw the screenshot that i took from many years ago, oh well, for sure it is something good to bring back the old memories. wow experience had changes my life experience significantly, it open up a windows for me to explore with the outside and inside worlds. i’ve made friends from all over the world, i’ve become friendlier, my english conversation skill improves and so many more that i would never thought off if i don’t get into wow.

many years has passed, those who have fight besides me were long lost… and i have missed you all.

priest: prynn, kurikuri, the 2 best healer who have fight with me for very long time. milargo the flips.

mage: ling

warrior: bakai, garyy,

hunter: jcro, rocky

warlock: chumbeque, tonytony, lolabasyang the flips,

rogue: muimui, maling, jun

druid: maling’s ex-wife

shaman and DK: hmm seems i do not have shammy and dk friends, mostly rerolls.

paladin: vanhagar

oh well, that’s all i can think of with my limited memries. it is a good game and i hope it will last for another 10 more years. who knows we may be coming back for a reunion?

closing with a chinese poem:


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