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man, it’s been so long i had never felt so cold after leaving northend, ever since Arthas get defeated. 

this week cold air coming from north makes shenzhen a cold breezing place.



 and hell yeah, i had to leash my dog late at night. freeze my ass off…



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well today my son just turn a year old. and i am far away from him now. did i missed my son? well i have not seen him personally ever since last year chinese new year. why is that? well everyone has a story to tell.

i bought Woody as a present that was never sent out though.

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Junior and I








labs are lovely companions. as long as you can train them well, they are loyal and obedient. photo of junior of 11 months old. going to be 1 years old next month. also featuring photo of me sleeping on the couch with junior.
jr 2 jr jr 5 jr 4 jr 3 Jr and me 1 Jr and me 2 Jr and me 3

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