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dumb and dumberer

it is fine when people called you a dumb, when your IQ failed to reach on certain level. when your IQ failed to reach on certain level, and cant make normal decisions, what makes you think that you could make a call that will gives you high return when not much effort needs to put in? even a drug dealer have to think of something to make money… there are no such thing as easy money, all people studies, asked question, check on web before they give money to their investor… never trust people promised you easy money or high return with no risk…

few days back, my wife being conned. someone call her up and ask her to invest some money over a reload card business and she had posted RM4000 to the con man. then only she realized she was conned. obviously, it is fine that people are born stupid, but people that never reads news fails big time, where are the common senses?

when i see greed in people’s eye, most of the time i saw people ended up disappointment to the end, unless they know what they are doing of course. greed + naive = deadly. who can possibly think that by not studying/researching their investment their money would drop to their pocket just like that? ¬†ignorant? naive? epic fail? pick one. zomg


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project manager

there’s always a black sheep to blame when projects fail, somehow most of time it was the project manager to blame. when a project manager not following up closely when he knows that the group of people he work with are those 100% fail big time people, he is meant to fail the projects. in this few day i have really eyewitness and thankful that in my previous job i never fuck up a project like he did now. today he yelled at me that don’t come to bug him over because of the small things, then i shook my head and walk away, feels good finally i have found the root cause of this failing projects. with all the information gather, some team member to blame, but the project manager that never follow up are the one that makes the project to such status. even ¬†with a new GM comes into the picture, this is gonna be a fun. i did my best to do my part, even help to on to things, but if never heard of appreciations. well oh well, just lemme enjoy the show…

seriously i try to help, but you shut the door on me. so i walk away.

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