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sometimes i really wanna blame everything to fate. esp when a series of unfortunate events happens to me. all these bad things struck and weakening my strong minds. sometimes i am so helpless and would have the feel to pray to gods, any gods but yet i still have my ego that i will never pray for gods for any helping hands. if gods only answer to those who prays for them, thats not a help, thats a pact that man and god makes agreement that if they are giving prayer to the god then only he will answer. i don see the merciful god would be acting such way. so long as i don do bad things to harm others or to cheat anyone, i think i am on the right way to worship the god. but well, who knows, god exists because there’s someone in the past who created the god, by that someone think that what he will behave, ritual that we should follow. religions have cause much of violence due to the diffrent views of the ritual and version of story told by someone who misinterpret.
anyway, what worse things could happens to me more? bring it on. if i cant solve it rite now in times i will be get used of it and become immune. i just wont pray to you yet. not even think of it. my knee worth more that such series of unfortunate events. bring it on! i would stand still and face them like a men! you have to do more for me to kneel to you and give a prayer. not just quite yet. don even think of it. 😀

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…that i am lost? yes i m lost again… from time to time i will have such feeling… i don really enjoy of having such feeling most of the time… it just like i donno what is coming next? perhaps it is a start of the mid age crisis… >< i do not know.. or maybe i have live a life and i could just let all go away with no regrets? it just so calm and peaceful, but the thing is i have no idea where or how or what to do next. i am trap in a barrier of soul wall… or more like i am drowning but i just wanted to pull my self up but my mind not function….
… that i am sad? before i am lost… i am sad… sad because some frens of mine left me when i needed them most. well we have fun before and its a good memory.. sadly they all felt so desperately to move out to someone else… what i can do is just wish them all the best. well time will pass and good memory shall stay. goodbye my frens. we just barely knew each others and it is sad to see u guys moving out but well we had joy and fun together. u guys aint the first who leave me behind and i believe u guys wont be the last. 😀 thank you all for the time we have together.
…that i miss you? it’s been strange that for so many years that we havent met, still i miss you.

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stuck at airport

here i am, stuck at subang airport. the flight is delay to 9 where it suppose to take off at 6.30. yet i m so enjoying here. listening to live singing in a restaurants. have i am not being so much enjoying listening to lives oldies so such a long time. becoming a homie now. ><

the first things that attract me to this very restaurant is that there’s a live singing happens in here. and i am enjoying the song right now. 😀

thank god the flight is delay. 😀

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1. go travel. make sure ur foorprints are all over the world. some says half of the money that enough to buy a kitchen can makes u travel euro and half of the money that enough to buy a house enough for u to travel all around the world. i dont believe that at the beginning. somehow, after my calculation, it could be happening. 😀

2. do not afraids of standing up against someone or something that u feel that u get treated unrightfully. u are going to die anyway, what would hold back a dead man walking? go up and smack them in their face, shout and let loose ur rages.

3. tell someone that u like that u love them. the end of world clock is ticking, never hide ur feel against someone u love. they’re our precious! go claims what is urs!

4. apologize to whom u have offended. be sorry to whom u dislike. hates created distance amongst peoples. when shouted when we hates someone. why? because we felt that they are far far away until we need to shout at them. never hate ur enemy.

5. spent your time with ur loves one. never let them get out of ur sight.

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