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look at my desktop after my upkeep. clear and classify everything. gonna be clean for a month time again i think 😀

after cleaning up


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咫尺天涯 为何不见?

也许是我的执迷不悔, 但是我想再沉迷下去。


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hair loss

am i thinking too much? hardly uses my brain but still suffering hair loss ><

next time when  i needed to utilize my brain to think, i am in a dilemma whether or not should i utilized it just to keep my hair ><

maybe i worry too much? hmm i don really usually worry too much >< that’s just so not me.

maybe i worry about my hair loss that trigger more hair loss? hmm an infinity loop i m in ><

sad… sad… sad…

dang… there you go… cheering up my day with the song 😀


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what color am i?

Take the Magic: The Gathering ‘What Color Are You?’ Quiz.”

i might be blue, but deep inside my heart, i am yellow.

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being traumatize about the food my mom’s cook recently. it’s all fish, fish, fish and more fish everyday. boiled, fried, soy source, curry… you name it. most of the time wouldn’t complain much but it’s gonna drive me nuts by eating stuffs without any sugar…. imagine a living without sugar ><

i wanted to stay away from wow, wanna get some peace of mind from the freaking game. it’s so tiring when ppl asked me to go for instance, even with my dps class. lost of interest? hmm i donno, i just don feel like playing…. lost of motivation maybe. need la nina to come back and play i guess. either that, or i am feeling so guilty for lying to my guildies, which seriously i don really like to tell a lies. it makes me a liar now though.

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cute rottie

his name is Brando. the only dogs that are friendly to me when i m at my friends house. 😀 IMG00140-20110713-0954-1.jpg

big balls.. o.O shot taken from his back.


he ain’t biting…. good 😀


huge doggie…


a not so friendly Saint Bernard.


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just back from Bangkok and heard of a shocking news that my younger cousin has passed away. younger in terms of months are different. same age though. heard he had got beaten and trigger the heart attack. wasn’t able to attended his funeral though, and really in a fog what have actually happened. well my cousin, rest in peace. we may have not meet with each others for like 10 years++, the memory of our good time when we were young always remained.

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counting down

the clock start ticking. hehe

oh its the start of week 27. half year passed. 😀

eyes gone blur… not a good sign ><

found another nice song. 😀

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