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it is so sad that few of our colleagues are leaving the company… well but what to do… my company’s paying aint high… and i don see any improvement from the management side to hold the employees… no gathering.. no welfare club… even there’s is.. i doubt the ppl will ever join.. coz well.. most of the events… we have to paid by ourselves… and not everyone are affordable to pay to go for the company events…
my house got break in last nite and a nite before that… and my mom lost a few hundreds of money… what actually happened? no one knows…the door remains locked… and everything seems fine but my mom claims that her money has gone… how could it be a break in?? well another mystery case though…
my car  seems that not in 100% yet… sometimes when i drive it’ll make some very big noice somewhere near the fron tyres there… i wonder if the absorber still melfuctioning…
my projects still struggling to go live… it seems that it will never go live… but i do have faith on that…
someone i admire seems not interest on me… well it’s a cycle.. but i am not giving up yet…
my social life sux as most of the time i like to play games at home and only have few good frens
they said u are nothing to live for..all bad things happened on u… please go n die…
i’d say hell yeah.. WoW still i have…

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failure to launch people

hmm.. these group of ppl who so called failure to launch ppl.. their characteristic :
1. few social life after work/ study
2. when return home, will stay in their own room. feel their room are the most comfortable place on earth
3. playing games/ watching tv give them enough satisfaction.
4. immature thinking
5. doesn’t know how to taking care of other people.
6. likes empty conversation (talk crap) or never likes to communicate at all
well if u have any of these symptoms, wellcome to the FTL group.

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