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deja vu. well nothing much new, about 1 more month to stay here before leaving to work abroad. wondering if i should have write a resignation acknowledgement notice to my customers and send it on my last day. duh… lemme toss a coin and see…

head… write… tail… skip… duh… too lazy to even find a coin…

boring boring boring….



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Gone for Good

well i am done and will be gone on 15th November 2012 away from this company and will be travel to Shenzhen on 17th November 2012 and start working at 19th November 2012 for the new company.


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so i have resigned and i do not entitle for the incentive that i put my effort over the past quarter? and some more the incentive is at quarter 2 which is already long gone.

it’s a wipeout over my commitment and effort for what i have done. recognition? what recognition? there’s nothing left when i tender the resignation letter? well life isn’t fair, i get it, so carry on. i have no obligation to answer anything related to my current job too after my resignation. well life isn’t fair, so i hope you get it too…

pissed me off…

Even┬áJesus┬ácan’t take it….

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