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C’est la vie

yesterday, i was told that i cannot use the company van to go out for lunch effective by today. my boss and i had a open talk on this and in his mind that we people’s are getting overpaid and better benifits that others, i didn’t tell him that we came in as an expatriate package, as i feels the wont understand what’s an expat’s term. in a company that trying to localize on their resources, there’s noting much better that cutting the foreigner’s benifits… well, what to say, c’est la vie.

someone once said, life is very hard, always. i do not totally agrees on this statement, life is very hard if you choose to be. there’s always a choice, you can choose to have a easy way out, you can choose to have a much happier way of livings, you can choose to chew it off, anyway, there’s always a choice.

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