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2017 new year resolutions

new year arise. so what do i look for this year? whats’s my goal and dream? every year is a new start and new hope and new dream and new target. whatever we gonna call it, that’s all we need to move on.

lets see on my wishlist:

  1. nba2k18. what else, duh.
  2. another taiwan trip, to southern tw maybe
  3. big bonus this year, hopefully.
  4. a good and healthy life for junior.
  5. CJ2017?
  6. get my medical procedure done (be a men!)

the older i get, the lesser list i expect i think. but well at least i have nba2k18 to look for.

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2016 year end wrapup

another year end. good bye 2016, year of the monkey. 😉

it was indeed a year of the monkey, too many monkey scene happens this year. okay lets do the wrapup:

  1. made my taiwan trip this year finally. 5 full days during my b’day. at taipei and jiufen. nice place nice people nice food
  2. went to pattaya with mr tee, jaon and stella’s family. enjoy the Tiffany’s show. food are fine.
  3. attend CJ2016. another year at ChinaJoy with my buddy. always fun and tiring to attend such kinda exhibitions. 2x fun with buddies.
  4. went Phuket this year too. very nice relaxing place. take a tour to james bond island and other island hopping, very nice tour guide.
  5. have to be away from China for 1 full month due to the tax issues after working for 5 full years.
  6. major part of the company were sold to an equity firm.
  7. i was sold off too.
  8. new plant setting at Seoul, Korea. not really my take, i presume.
  9. Project codename “Hawaii” kickoff plan.
  10. watched World of Warcraft movie with mr Tee. all the good times memories poping up. really it is been a while. still remembering those members and the great FTL guild.
  11. start to play Overwatch and only last till season 2. always there’s people stirring up and disband the group.
  12. stop HOTS after OW releasing.
  13. got my nba2k17.

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