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to all of my fellow countryman, to which i am proudly call ourselves as Malaysians, no matter if you are yellow, black, brown or white, no matter if you are muslim, christian, buddish or any religion, no matter if you abroad, so long you are born in this blessed homeland with still holding a malaysian passport, this is a rally to call you to go back and vote for your country.

you may think one vote doesnt makes a diffrent, you may think no matter how you vote nothing gonna change. but that is wrong! all votes does matter! all votes count! we were giving rights to cast a vote, so that the many can outweigh the few. where does this “many” came from? from one to few, from few to many. from many, we can made changes.

i work abroad as an engineer, however, i am willing to pay for my air tickets, sacrifies my leaves just to go back and do my duty. i hope with my votes, there are changes to the country. so i hope other malaysians thinks the same, then everyone will go back and perform their duty. so, what’s your excuse not to go back, compare to saving your country, which is much more important?

i dare not say changes is good, but change is the process of all existance. in my opinion, our country’s reputation is at the rock bottom, compare to many years ago, when our people are proudly says that we are malaysians, and peoples from other country will have this envy look at ourselves, even much long long time ago, we can even looked down on indonesians, thai, the flips. but what happened now? look at the neighbours around us, they aer catching over us now. and if we never change, many years later things gonna goes around and we will be the lowly. changes may not be good but changes better than not change at all. everythings starts with a dream. what if it came true? 梦想是要有的,万一实现了呢?

i lived and work abroad, but one day i will go back to my beloved country. this is the homeland that i was born and the land that i plan the scatter my ashes. we all  malaysians need to upholds it’s reputation so that we could hold our heads up and telling others that we came from this pround country!

winner winner, chicken dinner. 5月9日,骑马吃鸡。 呵呵。lets do this, go vote and make the diffrences!



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