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great oldies

well found all those great oldies from youtube.

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I Can See Clearly Now

Cher – I Can See Clearly Now Lyrics
I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day

Oh yes, I can make it now the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I’ve been praying for
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day (ooh…)

Look all around,
There’s nothing but blue skies
Look straight ahead,
There’s nothing but blue skies

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Here’s the rainbow I’ve been praying for
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day
Real, real, real, real bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day
Yeah, hey, it’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshinin’ day
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As JFK once said… “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Now take that quote and apply it in the context of a guild.Dont like the guild? Leave then, dont badmouthing. Leave with grace and dignity.

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story of early LOTH

a good story that i steal from a forums 🙂
A Story of Early LoTH

I had just turned 70. First thing on my mind was to hit the 5man instances, the Oblivion Set just looked so UBER, i had to have it! The guild was not yet ready for Kara, we hardly had enough level 70s, and most who were 70 didn’t even have their keys yet. So rushing to Kara was out of the question. Besides, gear was a problem, and even without stepping into Kara, just by reading the strats, i had a rough idea what we needed to succeed. LoTH wasn’t ready yet, not by a long shot.

So off to the 5mans i went, not even heroics, just regular 5man. Sometimes i got lucky, and snagged a guild grp, but most times i just pugged it. Reason being, i was sorta like "stuck" in the middle of the 70s: there were people like Tehsai who had been 70 for quite some time, so they were doing more heroics than normal instances. I felt bad asking them for help to run stuff that they had already run 1000x times before, so i didn’t ask (i hate rejection, it’ll just make me feel bad, and i know how bad it feels to have to say no, so i didn’t want to put the seniors in a position of having to say "no").

So that was at least more than a month, i think closer to 2 months where i logged on everyday, spent 4-5 hours a day farming everything from SV, Arca, BF etc etc. Going with pugs was painful most times, but it was a great learning platform. But the time i had hit revered with all the factions, i had 2-3 pieces of Oblivion (i was so HAWT back then, i thought!), and i started doing heroics.

Again, i pugged most heroics, and it was seriously painful. There was one time, when i spent nearly 60g on a SH run because the grp just kept on wiping on the multi-mob pulls, but we refused to give up. So i spent 5 hours in SH. That was the day i learned how to juggle-fear, and seduce-lock AND dps all at the same time. Tbh, we never even made it to the 2nd boss before we finally decided to call it quits. That was also in a pug.

Around this time, the guild started to talk about Kara. I was the raid leader, so it was my responsibility to look at what we had and get things going. This was in the early days, remember. We didn’t have Daibzai as a tank yet, no Pinata, Symonz was still some random lowbie in the guild, no Nelo, etc. The guild was very thin on players, but we were determined to start.

We had a team who had keys, i know i pugged my key, and i think most of the others did as well. And when we finally, after many nights of fruitless trying, to get enough ppl online with the correct balance to try it (we ran with 4 healers back then), we went into Kara for the first time. I remember the first words i said to the raid was, "Welcome to Kara, LoTH. We’re about to make history."

The first night went badly progression wise. We wiped on trash leading up to Attu repeatedly. We got 1 try on the boss before there was respawned then we had to reclear. That first night was a complete wipefest. So was the second. So was the third. A wipefest on Attumen. Can you believe it?

Its not about not knowing the strats, i had spent HOURS, over several DAYS to learn the strats from the web. And it wasnt just me who had studied up, i know the other raiders had done the same. And still we wiped. LOL. Nubcakes we all were.

Finally, we got Attumen down, and it felt as though we had just killed Illidan! The screams of joy on vent was overwhelming, and the first sight of Kara purples was our just reward. We really felt as though we had earned them — no one had served them to us on a platter. They were ours, and there was a pride attached to getting them because of what we had gone through to get them.

So we thought we were hot now. Next boss Maiden should be easy. Oh how wrong we were. A week later, and we were still wiping on Maiden. The week after, we were still wiping. It was a nightmare. We decided to go back and do Moroes first, took a week to get him, only then went back to work on Maiden. Finally we got her, and there was more screams of orgasmic ecstasy on Vent!

And all during the time we were trying Kara at night, we were still running heroics during the day. So i suppose they came a point when our gear was just good enough to take down Maiden, while it previously wasnt.

The next big cockblock was Curator. We spent many days wiping on him as well, hundreds of gold used for repairs and consumables. It was nasty, but not nearly as nasty as Maiden was. Surprisingly, after Curator the instance actually got easier. The only ***** boss we couldn’t get was Illhoof, but since that wasn’t a compulsory boss, we weren’t too fussed. I think it was 2 weeks after we got Curator was when we first got Prince down. More screaming in Vent, Kara was ours!

All in all, 6-7 weeks of Kara, collectively we spent thousands of gold on repairs and consumables, before getting Prince down. And over the next 2 months, more farming of Kara, the set up of our 2nd Kara grp (they moved a heck of a lot faster than us because 2-3 of the original G1 was in their grp), then more farming, more farming.

Then one day we were ready for 25mans. And the rest is history.

Whats the point of this story?

There are people in the guild today that feel that the guild has a duty to give them free epics. If there isn’t a senior raider like Tendon, or Rantic, leading the raid, or if there isn’t an uber tank like Daibzai or Shyfter leading the raid, then the raid is not worth turning up for; there is no point to raid.

There are people willing to lead BG2 raids, both 25man and Kara raids. The problem is not them. The problem are the people who do not want to follow them.

The gear and experience that most BG2 raiders already have due to the guild’s earlier policy of mixing up the raids FAR FAR outweighs the gear and experience the original senior raiders had when we first started those instances. Why do people lack the confidence that they will be able to make the raid a success?

Raids = wipes. If you’re afraid to wipe, and you just want farm, then pls, the door out of LoTH is –> that way. Do not feel that you are indispensible, the moment you leave, you will be replaced just by a simple post in the realm forums.

Have confidence in the new batch of raid leaders who are WILLING to take up the mantle of leadership. Leadership is not easy, i know this better than most, and i tip my hat to those who are stepping up to the plate. Follow them, believe in them, and most of all support them. If you dont have the faith in yourself to lead, at least have faith in those who do, and be willing to FOLLOW them when they issue a call to arms. If you can’t lead, and you can’t follow (or rather, "dont want" to follow), then you really need to ask yourself what are you doing playing an MMORPG.

What is the guild here for then?

The guild is here to support you.

– You have access to free vent (and believe me its not really "free", our GM pays for it, and pays a very hefty bill each month).
– You have access to free raid recipes and craftables.
– You have access to the guild NAME. By having LoTH under your names in game is a mark of pride, and people respect this guild.
– You have access to raid experience — whatever we can do to help advise a new raid to succeed, we will do.
– You have access to the realm’s best website and all the information and support that such an uber website provides the guild.
– You have access to officers who look after you, non stingy with knowledge, ever willing to help with things like specs, or gear suggestions.
– You have access, if you work your way up and prove yourself, to a BG1 that, from what i can see, is going to be pwning content now that we have a very solid, progressive team.

There is so much that LoTH gives you. And still you want more? To me, thats just plain greedy, selfish and short-sighted.

If you are in this guild to raid, then LoTH promises you a chance to raid.

Sign-up to one of the raids available, make sure you are ready gear-wise, consumable-wise, and go. We have progressive raids EVERY single night, we will have Kara raids going every night starting next week, if people are willing to step up, we will have early T4 25man raids going once BG2 raid leadership is sorted out. There are raids at every level available, surely you can find a place to fit in.

If you are in this guild for free epics, then LoTH makes you no promise. You want to improve your character, you will have to work for it. Have faith in the people who are willing to lead, or if you wish, approach me and tell me that you want to step up and lead. Thats all there is to it.

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Prince down! it feels great when we achive something together with frens, oh well some frens missing… but still it’s feel good with most of the frens are around. never i would thought i’ll treat a japanese as my frens, but well he is there and we knew each other and adventure for some times ago. well their anchestor kill our anchestor anyway and this is something we shouldn’t forget! as a chinese i shouldnt forget what have they done to us long time ago. well i have plan to go to nan jing to visit those massacre place during world war 2 this month but my jackass boss need me to rush for a project that is going next week. we all being jackass fro time to time, somethings have to, sometimes need to, sometimes force to…
being wowing about 10 hours ++ day is painful. esp the daylight saving time. its an hour slower and it’s hard to keep that in mind, well atleast for now.

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the truth is out there… there’s never a lies that can hidden the truth forever. it was a nightmare when you know someone you love so much is lying. what can be worse when u someone you are going to trust tells you that they are lying? a truth that you can never accept, but you had to accept because it the the truth? i wish i still live in my dreams and everything was perfect for me. i hope i never had to wake up. well… sibling no more but spouse instead…. it is really complicated but i guess the game is over when i know the story.
good bye my love, i have tried to ask you for the truth for so many times yet again and again you have tried to hide from me…  i cant trust you no more… divorce is not the answer i seek and i rather hope u ever think of your daughter. she cant live with ur parents forever and you should care more about her instead of thinking thousand of lies on me. if i knew it earlier i wont even wanted to start this. i was born in a chinese culture family and i just cant accept of taking my frens wife as my love. it is a taboo. at least for me. i am a non believer yet that is not the line i would ever cross!
loving you really like to climb mount himalayas… i don mind climbing if i don have to bear such kinda burden on myself. yet it happened. and i cant trust you no more. with out trust… love is nothing…

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