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concept of living

was calling ch just now. happy to hear that she’s fine and busy studying her medical course… get advice from her that i should stop eating meat and taking vege nows and must lost pounds…. well i guess if i would did that… i rather put my life to ends… life is full of suffering… must enjoy of what i have now… haha… that’s my concept for living… it is good to be single as i do not have to care about what others think…. there’s no string attached and i could live on my style.

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things to share

if u work when other ppl work, and rest when other ppl rest, and enjoy when other ppl enjoy, in return, u will get what other ppl get. if u want to get what other ppl don, then effort must be commited and sacrifices of rest and enjoyment must be made when u are still capable to, then you will get what other ppl don get.

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sick today.

not gonna work today coz sick. fever, cold, cough visited me and decide to stay inside of my body for a while… it’s a scary experiece when 3 thing comes together… i hardly move and lost focus while walking… the body just sway like a boxer who is going to be knock out… now feeling a little better… but i feel that my body burns… it’s like i m going to become the interno itself… haha

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good chinese peom

well… think of some sentance of poems tonite… so i just use the googles to search the complete poems… sorry for those who is not understanding chinese… i am not capable to translate them… as if i m translate in my way of language… it would be an insult to the poets…
杜甫《登 高》
马致远  天净沙·秋思
王维 九月九日忆山东兄弟 
独在异乡为异客, 每逢佳节倍思亲。 
遥知兄弟登高处, 遍插茱萸少一人。
王建 十五夜望月

张籍 秋思 

刘禹锡  秋风引 

范仲淹 《苏幕遮》
黯乡魂,追旅思,夜夜除非,好梦留人睡。明月搂 高休独倚,酒入愁肠,化作相思泪。
柳永 雨霖铃


多情自古伤离别,更那堪、冷落清秋节!今宵酒醒何处? 杨柳岸、晓风残月。


辛弃疾 青玉案(元夕)



崔护 题都城南庄

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new golf shoes

yea.. get myself a new golf shoes today… and went to the driving range with tg after work… gain a little knowledge from him again and hit pretty well today with my golf shoes on of course… the shoes cost my rm300++ and well it’s quite costly… went to shopping with anderson today and something comes up from my mind and i just went in the shop took the shoes…wanted to get a cheaper one but sadly… they are all out of my size… well at least i could feel that my leg is stick to the grass when i swing… i feel so exhausted for the first time after so many times i m in the range… haha.. i guess now i am swing with my full body instead of just part of them… i feel so exhausted and cant concentrate when i have about 20++ balls left…

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i had a dream last nite… dream of my beloved buddy and ono jr. they used to be my pets. ono jr is the first jack russell pups that i raise when i move to my new house in kl. it’s very naughty and active… he likes to slip out from the house… and wonder around the area… and finally one day… i never seen him back… i have lost him… later i adopt a bigger beagle, the ex owner call him buddy.. which is really a buddy to me.. he’s very skinny when he’s staying in my place… about 3 years old… and he have learn the command come.. sit.. and let’s go… buddy have innoncent eyes… which makes him very cute… everytime i get my leash and told him lets go… he’ll wag his tail and sit infront of me waiting to be leashed…. then i’ll walk him around the housing area… nearly everyday except the day that i work late… he likes to take car ride…. everytime i open my car door he’ll try to jump in and sit beside me…. he know how to sit in the car… sob.. sob… now that i have passed it to someone… coz i need to move back to penang… and i missed him… i hope someone is taking good care of him…

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stay kinda late in office to finished up my work… darn stupid customer sending my 30++ of 1 mb files to my yahoo email and i need to d/l them down to examine the data! jamn stupid customer… well today is a peacefulday… and heart is as peaceful too… i have no idea why it is so peaceful, perhaps i oledi accept the fate… so it is peaceful… wasn’t surprise by the word been told… 
hereby i declare that i have accepted the fate of what being told… and i shall move on to my life… and i shall not to be sad… nor moodless… nor down… life is full of hope… life is short… i was once heart broken… and i shall not be break this time… uphold my faith and dear something or everything… please chant me with the iron will… even better if it is steel…

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