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believe in god part 2

few weeks back, someone else ask me the same question again, “do you believe in god?”  he then share his story with me about how god have answered to his prayer and help by the time he is so desperate and needed to look for a job.

he then also tells me that he would say prayer for me and my family so that things can change in the future.

so, come back to the question again,”do i believe in god?”

some people hold his faith and never gave up their believes. some people believes in any form of religions when they are desperate, so long as they have something to hold with.

i used to be the later kind of people. when i am suffering from diabetes, i say prayer to buddha and god, i would just do anything to get me cured. the will of wanted to go back to normal outweighs the will of my sense. so i say to the prayer. i was lost and needed to hold on to anything i could grab. 

i never wanted to believe in any of the religion. but somehow the desperateness force me to do so, i do not have a stroll will to uphold myself.

i would rather believe in angels, they are everywhere, whether they were sent by gods or they are just happens to be there, it doesn’t really matters. by the time i was about to commit suicide, someone come to me and told me that life isn’t that bad after all,  it just a warning letter send to me asking me not do overdoing/eating stuffs. suddenly it clears my mind, and amazing i am cured in a few months time.

somehow whenever i needed help, there are always angels around. are they just happens to be there to give hands or are they were sent by god? everyone could be angels when they offering hands.

he may be there somewhere.

but come back to the same question,”do i believe in god?”


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